Environment & Sustainability Committee


Reviews the campus master plan and monitors recommended changes and new proposals submitted to the University Facilities Committee that affect faculty or the campus environment, and reports to the senate annually.

2016-2017 Members

Environment & Sustainability Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Dexter Wakefield Applied Arts 2019 Dbw55@txstate.edu
Dr. Jaymeen Shah Business 2018 js62@txstate.edu
Dr. Susan Waite Education 2019 Sw22@txstate.edu
Dr. Wayne Kraemer Fine Arts and Communication 2018 wk02@txstate.edu
Dr. Michael Mileski Health Professions 2019 M_m443@txstate.edu
Dr. Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Chair Liberal Arts 2018 Rb12@txstate.edu
Dr. Natalie Ceballos Liberal Arts 2017 nc18@txstate.edu
Mr. Charles Allan Library 2019 Ca20@txstate.edu
Dr. David Lemke Science and Engineering 2018 Dl10@txstate.edu