Piper Professor Selection Committee

Function and Meeting Information:

Recommends to the Faculty Senate the Piper nominee to be submitted to the Provost. In addition, the committee also recommends to the Senate the recipients of the Swinney Teaching Award. The committee is comprised of one faculty member per college, plus one former Piper Professor.

The Piper Professor Selection Committee typically meets twice in late September-mid October. Workload depends on the number of Piper applicants, usually about 15-20 hours. The chair usually spends another 2-3 hours organizing.

2015-2016 Members

Piper Selection Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Catherine Hawkins Applied Arts 2017 ch11@txstate.edu
Dr. Ruby Pandey Kishan Business Administration 2018 rk02@txstate.edu
Dr. Patricia Guerra Education 2017 pg16@txstate.edu
Ms. Beverly Penn Fine Arts & Communication 2016 bp08@txstate.edu
Dr. Son Chae Kim Health Professions 2018 sck30@txstate.edu
Dr. William DeSoto Liberal Arts 2016 wd02@txstate.edu
Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman Piper Awardee 2016 vs04@txstate.edu
Dr. Eugene Curtin, Chair Science & Engineering 2016 ec01@txstate.edu