Budget Committee

Examines the annual budget and the financial report published by the University and reports significant facts and recommendations to the Faculty Senate. The committee is comprised of one faculty member per college, plus one Library representative.

The committee meets as needed.

2016-2017 Members

Budget Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Scott Bowman Applied Arts 2018 Wb14@txstate.edu
Dr. Jana Roberta Minifie, Chair Business 2017 jm13@txstate.edu
Dr. Taylor Acee Education 2019 Ta19@txstate.edu
Dr. Alan Pizer Fine Arts and Communication 2018 ap07@txstate.edu
Dr. Farzan Irani Health Professions 2017 fi10@txstate.edu
Dr. Reiko Graham Liberal Arts 2019 Rg30@txstate.edu
Ms. Carla Ellard Library 2019 Ce10@txstate.edu
Mr. Shawn Peterson Science and Engineering 2018 Mp54@txstate.edu