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Suspension Appeals Committee

Function and Meeting Information:
Hears undergraduate student appeals, recommends policies, administers approved policies, and recommends revisions as necessary.  Each hearing will be composed of three faculty committee members, the chair or vice chair, and student representatives. The committee is comprised of a minimum of 15 faculty members, with each college represented.

This committee only hears undergraduate student appeals. Graduate students are required per university policy to appeal to the Graduate College.

Meets four times each year, before each semester. Committee members normally are asked to attend two of the four meetings to hear student appeals. Each meeting requires two to five hours of work. This committee has an important impact on the future of students on academic suspension.


2017 - 2018 Members

Suspension Appeals Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Angela Ausbrooks Applied Arts 2018
Dr. Sylvia L. Crixell Applied Arts 2018
Mr. Robert Wright Business 2019
Dr. Gail Zank Business 2020
Dr. Nathan Bond Education 2018
Ms. Megan Haynes Education 2018
Dr. Paul Jantz Education 2019
Dr. Cynthia Gonzales Fine Arts and Communication 2018
Ms. Emmeline Aguirre Olson Fine Arts and Communication 2019
Dr. Barbara Covington Health Professions 2019
Dr. Steve Spivey Health Professions 2020
Dr. Suparno Banerjee Liberal Arts 2018
Dr. Carrie Crisp Liberal Arts 2020
Dr. David Donnelly, Chair Science and Engineering 2020
Dr. Jessica Dutton Science and Engineering 2020