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Faculty Handbook Committee

Reviews the Faculty Handbook every third year to ensure that it is current with respect to new and revised policies and procedures, recommends new handbook copy to the Provost's office via the Faculty Senate, and monitors the log of changes made to the handbook by the Provost's office staff. The committee is comprised of nine faculty, with all colleges represented, plus one Library representative.

2017 - 2018 Members

Faculty Handbook Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Peter Dedek Applied Arts 2019
Dr. Karen Smith Business 2018
Dr. Cecily Raiborn Business 2020
Ms. Katrina Jansky Education 2020
Dr. Tinker Murray Education 2019
Ms. Michelle Nance Fine Arts and Communication 2020
Dr. David Gibbs Health Professions 2020
Dr. Leah Renold Liberal Arts 2019
Ms. Megan North Library 2018
Ms. Maureen Gerlofs Science and Engineering 2019