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Senate Committees

2015-2016 Roster of Senate Committee Members

Academic Computing Committee College Term Exp Email
Ms. Caroline Hill Applied Arts 2018 ch45@txstate.edu
Dr. Garry White Business Administration 2016 gw06@txstate.edu
Dr. Kathryn Lee Education 2016 kl10@txstate.edu
Mr. Bill Meek Fine Arts & Communication 2017 wm08@txstate.edu
Dr. Scott Kruse Health Professions 2017 s_k97@txstate.edu
Dr. Miriam Williams Liberal Arts 2017 mw32@txstate.edu
Mr. Scott Pope Library 2016 dp36@txstate.edu
Dr. Wuxu Peng Science & Engineering 2018 wp01@txstate.edu
Dr. Carlos Solis Instructional Technologies Support ex officio ch45@txstate.edu
Dr. Dave Nelson Office of the Provost ex officio mn11@txstate.edu
Mr. Kevin McCarty Student Affairs ex officio kevin@txstate.edu
Mr. Jose Rodriguez Technology Resources ex officio jr11@txstate.edu
Academic Governance Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Dhiraj Vattem Applied Arts 2017 dv11@txstate.edu
Dr. Rosie Morris Business Administration 2016 rm13@txstate.edu
Dr. Dan Lochman (Dept. Chair) Liberal Arts 2016 dl02@txstate.edu
Dr. Gwynne Ash Education 2018 ga13@txstate.edu
Mr. Harry Bowers Fine Arts & Communication 2016 hb05@txstate.edu
Dr. Oren Renick, Chair Health Professions 2017 cr13@txstate.edu
Dr. Ty Schepis Liberal Arts 2018 ts36@txstate.edu
Dr. Jaime Chahin (Dean) Applied Arts 2017 tc03@txstate.edu
Dr. Apan Qasem Science & Engineering 2017 aq10@txstate.edu
Academic Standards Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Matthew Eichler Applied Arts 2016 me21@txstate.edu
Dr. Glenn Tanner Business Administration 2017 gt10@txstate.edu
Dr. Emily Payne Education 2016 ep02@txstate.edu
Dr. Teri Evans-Palmer Fine Arts & Communication 2018 te10@txstate.edu
Ms. Diane Dolezel Health Professions 2017 dd30@txstate.edu
Dr. Judith Easton Liberal Arts 2018 je44@txstate.edu
Ms. Lauren Goodley Library 2016 l_g138@txstate.edu
Dr. Alex White, Chair Science & Engineering 2018 aw22@txstate.edu
Budget Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Scott Bowman Applied Arts 2018 wb14@txstate.edu
Dr. Jana Minifie, Chair Business Administration 2017 jm13@txstate.edu
Dr. Sarah Nelson Education 2016 sn15@txstate.edu
Dr. Alan Pizer Fine Arts & Communication 2018 ap07@txstate.edu
Dr. Farzan Irani Health Professions 2017 fi10@txstate.edu
Ms. Sarah Youree Liberal Arts 2016 sy11@txstate.edu
Ms. Paivi Rentz Library 2016 pr11@txstate.edu
Dr. Thomas Myers Science & Engineering 2016 tm33@txstate.edu
Committee on Committees College Term Exp Email
Dr. William Stone, Chair Applied Arts 2017 ws03@txstate.edu
Dr. Don Sanders Business Administration 2018 ds26@txstate.edu
Dr. Virginia Resta Education 2018 vr03@txstate.edu
Dr. Erik Nielsen Fine Arts & Communication 2018 en04@txstate.edu
Dr. Tiankai Wang Health Professions 2016 tw26@txstate.edu
Dr. John Davis Liberal Arts 2016 jd04@txstate.edu
Ms. Karen Sigler Library 2017 ks10@txstate.edu
Dr. Eugene Curtin Science & Engineering 2017 ec01@txstate.edu
Environment & Sustainability Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Gwendolyn Hustvedt, Co-Chair Applied Arts 2016 gh21@txstate.edu
Dr. Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Co-Chair Liberal Arts 2018 rb12@txstate.edu
Dr. Jaymeen Shah Business Administration 2017 js62@txstate.edu
Dr. Lori Czop Assaf Education 2018 lc27@txstate.edu
Mr. Wayne Kraemer Fine Arts & Communication 2018 wk02@txstate.edu
Mr. David M. Falleur Health Professions 2016 df03@txstate.edu
Dr. Natalie Ceballos Liberal Arts 2017 nc18@txstate.edu
Ms. Lauren Goodley Library 2016 l_g138@txstate.edu
Dr. David Lemke Science & Engineering 2018 dl10@txstate.edu
Faculty Handbook College Term Exp Email
Dr. Peter Dedek Applied Arts 2016 pd11@txstate.edu
Dr. Karen Smith Business Administration 2018 ks07@txstate.edu
Dr. Patricia Pattison, Chair Business Administration 2017 pp19@txstate.edu
Dr. Susan Waite Education 2016 sw22@txstate.edu
Dr. Brenda Scheuermann Education 2018 bs10@txstate.edu
Dr. Raymond Niekamp Fine Arts & Communication 2017 rn10@txstate.edu
Dr. Chris Russian Health Professions 2017 cr23@txstate.edu
Dr. Roger Jones Liberal Arts 2016 rj03@txstate.edu
Ms. Jeanne Hazzard Library 2018 jh201@txstate.edu
Ms. Maureen Gerlofs Science & Engineering 2016 mg30341@txstate.edu
Library Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr Albert Dietz Applied Arts 2018 ad03@txstate.edu
Dr. Chinna Natesan Business Administration 2016 nn02@txstate.edu
Dr. Ruth Taylor Business Administration 2017 rt01@txstate.edu
Dr. Russell Lang Education 2016 rl30@txstate.edu
Dr. Jennifer Helen Greene Education 2018 jhg45@txstate.edu
Dr. Stephanie Asbell Fine Arts & Communication 2018 sa22@txstate.edu
Ms. Kymberly Fox Fine Arts & Communication 2016 kf14@txstate.edu
Dr. Pam Willson Health Professions 2018 paw66@txstate.edu
Dr. Shirley Ogletree Liberal Arts 2016 so01@txstate.edu
Dr. Ellen Tillman Liberal Arts 2017 et19@txstate.edu
Ms. Joan Heath Library ex officio jh06@txstate.edu
Ms. Stephanie Larrison Library 2018 sl24@txstate.edu
Mr. Scott Pope Library 2017 dp36@txstate.edu
Dr. Julio G. Dix, Chair Science & Engineering 2017 jd01@txstate.edu
Dr. Paula Williamson Science & Engineering 2018 pw04@txstate.edu
Nontenure Line Faculty Committee College Term exp Email
Dr. Alex White, Chair Faculty Senate 2017 aw22@txstate.edu
Mr. Andrew Marks Applied Arts 2017 am27@txstate.edu
Dr. Howard Williams Applied Arts 2016 hw1007@txstate.edu
Dr. Sherwood Bishop Business Administration 2017 sb38@txstate.edu
Dr. Yvonne Eixmann Business Administration 2016 YE02@txstate.edu
Dr. Beth Oestreich Education 2016 jb.oestreich@txstate.edu
Ms. Krista Thomas Education 2017 kc37@txstate.edu
Mr. Brian Johnson Fine Arts & Communication 2016 bj12@txstate.edu
Dr. David Nolan Fine Arts & Communication 2017 dn15@txstate.edu
Dr. Suzanna Okere Health Professions 2017 SD11@txstate.edu
Ms. Renee Wendel Health Professions 2016 rw18@txstate.edu
Dr. Amy Meeks Liberal Arts 2016 am23@txstate.edu
Ms. Sherri Mora Liberal Arts 2017 SM43@txstate.edu
Ms. Glynda Betros Science & Engineering 2016 gb14@txstate.edu
Dr. Wendi David Science & Engineering 2017 wd11@txstate.edu
Ms. Katharine Salzmann Library 2017 ks31@txstate.edu
Nontenure Line Faculty Committee Liaisons College Department Term exp Email
Ms. Christina Youens Applied Arts Family and Consumer Sciences 2016 cy13@txstate.edu
Mr. Thomas Puffer Business Administration Accounting 2016 tmp57@txstate.edu
Mr. Ken Murdock Business Administration Marketing 2016 kenmurdock@txstate.edu
Ms. Jennifer Krou Business Administration CIS/QMST 2016 jlk132@txstate.edu
Ms. Laura Duhon Education Curriculum and Instruction 2016 ld11@txstate.edu
Ms. Sue Stewart Fine Arts & Communication Communication Studies 2016 ss33@txstate.edu
Ms. Shay Hartung-Ishii Fine Arts & Communication Theatre & Dance 2016 si10@txstate.edu
Dr. Karla Hamelin Fine Arts & Communication Music 2017 kmh119@txstate.edu
Ms. Diane Dolezel Health Professions Health Information Management 2016 dd30@txstate.edu
Dr. Susan Lee Health Professions Nursing 2016 se18@txstate.edu
Ms. Sharon Armstead Health Professions Respiratory Care 2016 sva10@txstate.edu
Ms. Amanda Meyer Liberal Arts English 2016 alm5@txstate.edu
Dr. Shannon Duffy Liberal Arts History 2017 sd22@txstate.edu
Ms. Emily Harrington Liberal Arts Modern Languages 2016 ez11@txstate.edu
Dr. Christi Townsend Liberal Arts Geography 2017 ct1086@txstate.edu
Dr. Binita Mehta Liberal Arts Philosophy 2017 bvm6@txstate.edu
Ms. Kay Newling Liberal Arts Sociology 2016 kn18@txstate.edu
Ms. Maureen Lemke Science & Engineering Biology 2016 ml43@txstate.edu
Dr. Lee-Song Koh Science & Engineering Computer Science 2016 lk04@txstate.edu
Ms. BJ Spencer Science & Engineering Engineering Technology 2017 bs39@txstate.edu
Dr. Susan Holtz Science & Engineering Physics 2016 slh245@txstate.edu
Piper Selection Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Catherine Hawkins Applied Arts 2017 ch11@txstate.edu
Dr. Ruby Pandey Kishan Business Administration 2018 rk02@txstate.edu
Dr. Patricia Guerra Education 2017 pg16@txstate.edu
Ms. Beverly Penn Fine Arts & Communication 2016 bp08@txstate.edu
Dr. Son Chae Kim Health Professions 2018 sck30@txstate.edu
Dr. William DeSoto Liberal Arts 2016 wd02@txstate.edu
Dr. Vedaraman Sriraman Piper Awardee 2016 vs04@txstate.edu
Dr. Eugene Curtin, Chair Science & Engineering 2016 ec01@txstate.edu
Retirement & Benefit Programs College Term Exp Email
Dr. William Stone, Chair Applied Arts 2016 ws03@txstate.edu
Mr. Andrew Marks Applied Arts 2017 am27@txstate.edu
Dr. Ivilina Popova Business Administration 2016 ip12@txstate.edu
Dr. Stephen Gordon Education 2018 sg07@txstate.edu
Dr. David Nolan Fine Arts & Communication 2016 dn15@txstate.edu
Dr. Kim Belcik Health Professions 2018 kdb120@txstate.edu
Dr. Shirley Ogletree Liberal Arts 2018 so01@txstate.edu
Ms. Rory Elliott Library 2016 re19@txstate.edu
Mr. Walter Dorman Science & Engineering 2017 wd10@txstate.edu
Suspension Appeals Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Angela Ausbrooks Applied Arts 2018 aa16@txstate.edu
Dr. Sylvia Crixell Applied Arts 2018 sh07@txstate.edu
Dr. Matthew Hood Business Administration 2016 mh91@txstate.edu
Dr. Gail Zank Business Administration 2017 gz10@txstate.edu
Dr. Nathan Bond Education 2018 jb50@txstate.edu
Ms. Megan Haynes Education 2018 mh86@txstate.edu
Dr. Russ Hodges Education 2016 rh12@txstate.edu
Dr. Cynthia Gonzales Fine Arts & Communication 2018 cg34@txstate.edu
Dr. Erik Nielsen, Chair Fine Arts & Communication 2016 en04@txstate.edu
Dr. Barbara Covington Health Professions 2016 bc32@txstate.edu
Mr. Tom Patterson Health Professions 2017 tp20@txstate.edu
Dr. Suparno Banerjee Liberal Arts 2018 sb67@txstate.edu
Dr. Miriam Williams Liberal Arts 2017 mw32@txstate.edu
Dr. David Donnelly Science & Engineering 2017 dd14@txstate.edu
Dr. Yoo-Jae Kim Science & Engineering 2016 yk10@txstate.edu
University Curriculum Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Elizabeth Blunk Applied Arts 2016 eb03@txstate.edu
Dr. Michael Supancic, Chair Applied Arts 2018 ps14@txstate.edu
Dr. Eric Kirby Business Administration 2018 ek10@txstate.edu
Dr. Kenneth Moon Business Administration 2016 km43@txstate.edu
Dr. Beth Bos Education 2018 bb33@txstate.edu
Dr. Jo An Zimmermann Education 2016 jz15@txstate.edu
Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer Fine Arts & Communication 2016 lb44@txstate.edu
Mr. William Peeler Fine Arts & Communication 2017 wp03@txstate.edu
Dr. Karen Gibbs Health Professions 2016 kg18@txstate.edu
Dr. Mary Hogan Health Professions 2017 mar24@txstate.edu
Dr. Augustine Agwuele Liberal Arts 2018 aa21@txstate.edu
Dr. Rebecca Raphael Liberal Arts 2017 rr23@txstate.edu
Ms. Gloria S. Hinojosa Library ex officio gh14@txstate.edu
Ms. Jessica McClean Library 2016 jlm336@txstate.edu
Dr. Debra Feakes, Vice Chair Science & Engineering 2018 df10@txstate.edu
Dr. Ricardo Torrejon Science & Engineering 2017 rt04@txstate.edu
Ms. Micky Autrey ex officio ma02@txstate.edu
Mr. Lou Jimenez ex officio lej27@txstate.edu
University Lecturers Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Omar Lopez Applied Arts 2018 ol14@txstate.edu
Dr. Ha Chin Yi Business Administration 2016 hy11@txstate.edu
Dr. Pam Wuestenberg Education 2018 pw05txstate.edu
Dr. Roger Colombik, Chair Fine Arts & Communication 2018 rc26@txstate.edu
Dr. Ram Shanmugam Health Professions 2016 rs25@txstate.edu
Dr. Gloria Martinez Liberal Arts 2017 gm21@txstate.edu
Ms. Carla Ellard Library 2016 ce10@txstate.edu
Dr. Wuxu Peng Science & Engineering 2017 wp01@txstate.edu
Mr. Vincent Morton Dean of Students ex officio vm05@txstate.edu
Mr. Jack Rahmann LBJ Student Center ex officio jcr140@txstate.edu
Ms. Jonnie Wilson Student Diversity & Inclusion ex officio jw25@txstate.edu
University Performing Arts Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Peter Dedek Applied Arts 2016 pd11@txstate.edu
Dr. Jaymeen Shah Business Administration 2018 js62@txstate.edu
Dr. Lori Assaf Education 2017 lc27@txstate.edu
Dr. Jonathan Babcock Fine Arts & Communication 2016 jb211@txstate.edu
Dr. Tom Grimes Fine Arts & Communication 2017 tg19@txstate.edu
Dr. Sarah Maines Fine Arts & Communication 2018 sm74@txstate.edu
Dr. Nico Schuler, Chair Fine Arts & Communication 2016 ns13@txstate.edu
Dr. Aimee Kendall Roundtree Liberal Arts 2018 ajr121@txstate.edu
Ms. Tara Spies Smith Library 2016 ts20@txstate.edu
Ms. Gaila Raymer Evans Auditorium ex officio gr22@txstate.edu
Ms. Liz McDonald Fine Arts & Communication ex officio em16@txstate.edu
University Research Enhancement Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Dhiraj Vattem Applied Arts 2017 dv11@txstate.edu
Dr. Ivilina Popova Business Administration 2018 ip12@txstate.edu
Dr. Larry Price Education 2016 lp11@txstate.edu
Mr. Grayson Lawrence Fine Arts & Communication 2018 gl16@txstate.edu
Dr. Denise Gobert Health Professions 2017 dg46@Txstate.edu
Dr. Miriam Echeverria Liberal Arts 2017 me01@txstate.edu
Dr. Jian Shen Science & Engineering 2018 js48@txstate.edu
Ms. Michel Conroy, Chair, nonvoting At Large 2016 mc15@txstate.edu
Dr. Mike Blanda Research & Federal Relations ex officio mb29@txstate.edu