University Curriculum Committee

Function and Meeting Information:
Receives and evaluates all curricular requests, including program and course changes, new degree program and course proposals. The committee is comprised of two faculty members per college, plus two Library representatives.

The only set UCC meeting is in early September when courses being added or deleted by schools, departments or programs are reviewed. After that, the committee meets as needed. The time commitment depends on the number of proposals for new programs or degrees that are ready to be reviewed at any one time.The UCC works closely with the Director of Curriculum Services and responds to the timeline of curriculum proposals submitted by College Curriculum Committees. The members of the UCC are also required to serve on their respective college curriculum committees.

2015-2016 Members

University Curriculum Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Elizabeth Blunk Applied Arts 2016
Dr. Michael Supancic, Chair Applied Arts 2018
Dr. Eric Kirby Business Administration 2018
Dr. Kenneth Moon Business Administration 2016
Dr. Beth Bos Education 2018
Dr. Jo An Zimmermann Education 2016
Dr. Lynn Brinckmeyer Fine Arts & Communication 2016
Mr. William Peeler Fine Arts & Communication 2017
Dr. Karen Gibbs Health Professions 2016
Dr. Mary Hogan Health Professions 2017
Dr. Augustine Agwuele Liberal Arts 2018
Dr. Rebecca Raphael Liberal Arts 2017
Ms. Gloria S. Hinojosa Library ex officio
Ms. Jessica McClean Library 2016
Dr. Debra Feakes, Vice Chair Science & Engineering 2018
Dr. Ricardo Torrejon Science & Engineering 2017
Ms. Micky Autrey   ex officio
Mr. Lou Jimenez   ex officio