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Faculty Senate

The Spring 2017 Faculty Senate elections have concluded and the newly-elected senators will take their seats May 3.


Dr. Natalie Ceballos, Liberal Arts (2020)
Dr. Jesse Gainer, Education (2020)
Dr. Benjamin Martin, Science and Engineering (2020)
Dr. David Nolan, Fine Arts and Communication (2020)
Dr. Diego Vacaflores, Business Administration (2020)

The senators-elect and the following continuing senators comprise the 59th Texas State University Faculty Senate.

Dr. Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Liberal Arts (2019)
Dr. Janet Bezner, Health Professions (2019)
Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, Liberal Arts (2018)
Dr. Scott Bowman, Applied Arts (2018)
Ms. Michel Conroy, Fine Arts and Communication (2019)
Dr. Dana Garcia, Science and Engineering (2018)
Dr. Ting Liu, Education (2019)
Dr. Vince Luizzi, Liberal Arts (2018)
Mr. Shane Smith, Fine Arts and Communication (2018)
Dr. Alex White, Science and Engineering (2019)

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