Please note: the deadline for 2016-2017 University Lecturers Series Proposals has been extended to February 11.

photo of 2015-2016 Faculty Senators

2015-2016 Faculty Senate

Front Row: Barbara Covington, Ju Long, Emily Payne,
Michel Conroy (Chair), Lynn Ledbetter (Secretary), Shirley Ogletree, Augustine Agwuele
Back Row: Dana Garcia, Vedaraman Sriraman, Sue Weill,
Scott Bowman, Alex White (Vice Chair),
Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Jovita Ross-Gordon

Welcome to the Faculty Senate

Since 1959, the Faculty Senate has represented members of the Texas State faculty in the formulation of University policy on a broad range of academic and governance issues. The Senate is made up of approximately 15 faculty members, representing proportionally each of the academic colleges across campus, with one member serving as chair, another as vice-chair, and a third as secretary. Each department/school not represented by a senator is represented by a Faculty Senate Liaison who is charged with communicating individual faculty and departmental concerns to the Faculty Senate.

Michel Conroy, Chair:

Senate Meetings

The senate meets every Wednesday at 4:00 pm during the academic year and once a month at 3:00 pm during the summer in the Henrietta Avent Faculty Senate Meeting Room (JCK 880).  All meetings are open. Agendas and minutes are posted on the Faculty Senate website and distributed via e-mail. We also request that hard copies be posted in every academic department. Copies of any documents referenced in these publications may be secured from the senate's administrative assistant. Faculty members may request to be added to the senate distribution list.