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Faculty Senate

Voting on the proposed amendment to the Faculty Constitution definition of Members of the Faculty Senate closed at midnight November 16 and I am pleased to announce that the amendment was ratified. 
Members of the Faculty Senate are faculty voters, exclusive of departmental chairs and other quasi-administrators as determined by the Faculty Senate, who have six or more years of full-time appointment at Texas State, including the three years prior to the election cycle.
The constitutional minimum voting participation requirement was met–over 2/5 (574) of the 1436 faculty voters cast ballots. The constitutional minimum number of the total votes in favor of the amendment–2/3 (384) was also met.
          In favor of the amendment (Yea)   75.94%   442
          In opposition to the amendment (Nay)   24.05%   140
          Total votes cast       582

The ratified amendment is hereby enacted and will be employed in the Faculty Senate Spring 2017 elections.
The Senators and I extend our appreciation and gratitude to all who worked to put this amendment before the faculty voters for a decision and to all faculty who voted, demonstrating once again that shared governance is a valued working principle at Texas State University.
Michel L. Conroy
Chair, Faculty Senate