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Faculty Handbook Committee

Ms. Michelle Nance, Professor, Theatre and Dance, Chair (2020)

Dr. Deborah Balzhiser, Associate Professor, English (2022)
Dr. David Gibbs, Assistant Professor, Health Information Management (2020)
Dr. William Grilliette, Lecturer, Mathematics (2022)
Dr. Tozi Gutierrez, Clinical Assistant Professor, Social Work (2021)
Dr. Katrina Jansky, Lecturer, Curriculum and Instruction (2020)  
Dr. Marc McAllister, Assistant Professor, Finance and Economics (2022)
Dr. Janet Payne, Professor, Finance and Economics (2021)
Ms. Amanda Price, Librarian, University Libraries (2021)
Dr. Cecily Raiborn, Professor, Accounting (2020)
Dr. Susan Waite, Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Instruction (2022)

Ex Officio:
Ms. Gaye Korenek, Representative, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs (R)
Dr. Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler, Associate Professor, English, President, Local Chapter TFA (T)
Dr. Theron Stimmel, Professor, Psychology, President Local Chapter TACT (T)
Dr. Ruth Welborn, Dean, Health Professions

Revises the Faculty Handbook every other year in order to keep it current with respect to new policies and procedures, recommends new handbook copy to the Academic Administration via the Faculty Senate, and coordinates the publication of a new handbook during the summer of each odd-numbered year. The committee is comprised of nine faculty, with all colleges represented plus one University Libraries representative.