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Faculty Senate Fellow

The position of Faculty Senate Fellow offers a professional development opportunity for faculty members by providing shared governance and leadership experience at Texas State. Working on a special project with the Faculty Senate and attending meetings with the President and others, the Faculty Senate Fellow will become familiar with the routine and special concerns of the Senate and gain insight into the shared governance process at Texas State University. This year, the Fellow's research project should support broadening participation in decision-making in the university. The Senate is interested in ways to include more voices in the formulation of policies, hiring and in the governing of the institution.

Position – One-year term appointment with possible 3 workload credits in a long semester

Eligible Candidates – Full-time faculty with at least three years’ experience at Texas State

Responsibilities – Complete a proposed research project and attend Faculty Senate, University Leadership Assembly and other designated governance meetings

Please send the following documents to by March 28, 2019.

  • Curriculum vita
  • Statement of interest: 50 to 100 words describing your interest in the position
  • Proposed research project narrative addressing the theme of broadening participation in decision-making in the university, 250 to 500 words. Consultation with a Faculty Senator is recommended.
  • A signed memo from the department chair/school director confirming willingness to assign a replacement instructor for one of your classes (not funded by the department/school) if you are selected as the Faculty Senate Fellow.

The recipient will be notified by April 15. The appointment will begin September 1, 2019 and continue through August 31, 2020.