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Nontenure Line Faculty Committee

Comprised of two appointed representatives from the Colleges of Applied Arts, Business Administration, Education, Fine Arts & Communication, Health Professions, Liberal Arts, and Science & Engineering, the Nontenure Line Faculty Committee is charged to ensure that non tenure-track faculty have a means to express their interests and concerns directly to the Faculty Senate. The committee meets monthly.

Makes recommendations to the Senate on issues and policies that impact faculty who are not on tenure-track. A committee liaison will be appointed by the senate to represent each department/school not represented by a committee member.

Committee Membership

2019 - 2020 Members

Nontenure Line Faculty Committee MEMBERS College Term Exp Email
Dr. Sandra Duke Applied Arts 2020
Dr. Rose Pulliam Applied Arts 2021
Dr. Matari Gunter Business 2021
Mr. Kevin Jetton, Vice Chair Business 2020
Dr. Jo Beth Oestreich, Secretary Education 2020
Ms. Maureen Smith Education 2021
Mr. Shawn Camp Fine Arts & Communication 2020
Mr. Dale Blasingame Fine Arts & Communication 2021
Ms. Renee Wendel Health Professions 2020
Dr. Suzanna Okere Health Professions 2021
Dr. Amy Meeks Liberal Arts 2020
Dr. Tom Varacalli Liberal Arts 2021
Ms. Kris Toma Library 2021
Dr. Susan Holtz Science & Engineering 2021
Ms. Glynda Betros Science & Engineering 2020
Dr. Natalie Ceballos, Chair Liberal Arts 2020
Nontenure Line Faculty Committee Liaisons College Term Email
Dr. Howard Williams Applied Arts 2020
Mr. Sherwood Bishop Business 2021
Mr. Daniel King Fine Arts & Communication 2020
Mr. Scott Vandenberg Fine Arts & Communication 2020
Ms. Regina Jillapalli Health Professions 2020
Dr. Christi Townsend Liberal Arts 2021
Dr. Matthew Bower Liberal Arts 2021
Ms. Amanda Scott Liberal Arts 2020
Dr. Shannon Duffy Liberal Arts 2021
Ms. Gloria Velasquez Liberal Arts 2020
Ms. Kay Newling Liberal Arts 2020
Mr. Dan Smith Science & Engineering 2020
Dr. Wendi David Science & Engineering 2021