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Academic Computing Committee

FY 2019 - 20 Proposal Cycle

The Office of the Vice President for Information Technology has made its annual allocation of $500,000 to replace or upgrade obsolete computers in existing labs available for fiscal year 2020.

The Academic Computing Committee (ACC), under the authority of the Faculty Senate, is tasked with soliciting and evaluating proposals and recommending distribution of the funds. The committee will consider proposals to enhance the use of existing labs, and for peripheral devices and additional computers, provided they would be used within space already allotted for labs.

Before submitting a request, proposers are advised to contact the ACC representative for your college or division for advice and/or clarification and/or request forms by early October, 2019. The forms may be downloaded here:

ACC Proposal Instructions FY 2019-20

ACC Proposal Template FY 2019-20

ACC Proposal Budget FY 2019-20

Function and Meeting Information:

Reviews proposals and makes recommendations to the senate for utilization of student computing funds. May also be called on to review budgets, policies and procedures relating to the academic use of computing resources.  Serves as a liaison between information technology and the university faculty via the senate. The committee is comprised of one faculty member per college, plus one Library representative.

The ACC typically meets five times a year and the committee’s work is primarily undertaken in February.

In the fall, the committee meets with the Vice President for Information Technology for about two hours to discuss funding priorities.  In the spring, members review proposals and make recommendations for funding.  The chair has the additional responsibilities of revising proposal documents and reporting the committee's recommendations to the Senate.

2019-2020 Roster of Senate Committee Members

Please note: the senate is in the process of making appointments for the 2020-2021 academic year. Updated committee rosters will be posted on the first day of the fall semester.

2020 - 2021 Members

Academic Computing Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. Adam Vaughan Applied Arts 2021
Dr. Marcos Sivitanides Business 2021
Ms. Jessica Burke Education 2023
Dr. Sean Justice Fine Arts and Communication 2022
Dr. Barbara Hewitt Health Professions 2023
Dr. Matthew Juge, Chair Liberal Arts 2021
Dr. Shane Yost Science and Engineering 2021
Ms. Mary Aycock Library 2022
Mr. Whitten Smart VPIT ex officio
Ms. Missy Ellis VPIT ex officio
Mr. Jose Rodriguez VPIT ex officio
Mr. Kevin McCarty VPSA rep
Dr. Duane Knudson Provost appointee