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University Performing Arts Committee

Function and Meeting Information:

Brings outstanding artists to the university who will contribute to the development of an appreciation of the arts. The committee is comprised of a minimum of eight faculty members (four from Fine Arts and Communication), plus one Library representative.

The committee typically meets once a month during long semesters. Committee members also attend and assist at two evening University Arts events each semester. Work is generally spread out over the year, but it is a little heavier during the fall semester, when the arts event series for the following academic year is being finalized. The typical time commitment is about 16 hours per semester.



The University Performing Arts Committee promotes artistic excellence through diverse, inspiring and engaging programming for the university and local communities.

Mission:  The University Performing Arts Committee brings outstanding artists to the university to support arts education and raise awareness of the arts by engaging audiences in diverse student-centered events that enrich and enliven the cultural landscape of the campus and surrounding region.

2018 - 2019 Members

University Performing Arts Committee College Term Exp Email
Dr. David Falleur Health Professions 2021
Ms. Julia Meritt Education 2020
Dr. Olivia Johnson Applied Arts 2019
Mr. Roger Colombik Fine Arts & Communication 2021
Dr. Lynn Ledbetter Fine Arts & Communication 2019
Dr. Nico Schuler, Chair Fine Arts & Communication 2019
Ms. Margo Handwerker Fine Arts & Communication ex officio
Dr. Aimee Roundtree Liberal Arts 2021
Ms. Tara Spies Smith Library 2019
Ms. Gaila Raymer Evans Auditorium Ex officio