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Oct 20, 2004 Minutes

Members present: Chair Stone, Senators Sawey, Rao, Gillis, James, Shah, Homeyer, Hazlewood, Bell-Metereau, Warms, Brennan, McKinney , Sorensen, Montondon, Fleming Faculty Senate staff, Ms. Inglet, University Star Reporter Chris Robinson


Dr. Ratliff contacted Senator Sawey about a task we have received from John McBride.  The ORP system will be reviewed  by the Retirement and Insurance Committee.


Update on Van Wyatt’s work on the website:

James Buratti will handle the web page, and Senator Shah will talk with him.


UPPS prohibition on sexual harassment and discrimination: Equity & Access has corrected a mistake in the UPPS, requiring sensitivity training every two years.


Campus Master Plan Meeting:

The Campus Master Plan consultants would like to meet with the senate for feedback.  The consultants are not available during our regular meeting time.

November 9, 11;30 to 12:30 we will meet with master plan consultants.


Honor Code Revisions:

Wording changes are minor.  One change is to give the student the option of responding in writing or in person within three calendar days (which includes weekend days).  Senator Gillis moved and Senator James seconded the motion to accept with one correction.  Dwight Watson, John Mogab, Paige Bishop, and Senators Gillis and Bell-Metereau will serve, and Dr. Blanda will be appointed as chair. 


University Arts Committee:

Colleen Copland sent an email regarding Gene Laman’s desire to be removed from the committee.  Tony Wall will remain on the committee unless a formal request is made for removal.


Senator Conroy suggested that the Committee on Committees handle most of these appointments and replacements.  Senator Shah suggested that the senate should only act in emergencies.


Creation of Rosters for Ad Hoc Committees:

We have no mechanisms for assembling rosters, other than checking past minutes.  The administrative assistant can look through past minutes to assemble rosters.  The chair asked for us to think of a survey question to test the electronic voting mechanism.


Replacement for Academic Governance Committee has been done.


PAAG Follow-up memo:

Senator Shah said that the issue of ex-administrator salaries is not complex.

Therefore the senate suggested deleting this.  Senator Rao wanted to address the limited resources of the town as well as the university, in considering enrollment management.


Replacement for Curriculum Committee:

John Schmitt is no longer in Mass Communication.  Senator Rao was nominated and approved unanimously to replace him on the committee.


Review of UPPS 04.04.01:

This seems to concern prohibiting staff from taking online courses during work hours, but the wording is vague; the wording should be made more specific. Senators James and Gillis moved and seconded to approve.


Faculty for Academic Program Reviews:

Changes were approved. Education may be missing a name.  The program review picks people off of the list to serve as outside evaluators.  One third of programs are up for review.  Senator Conroy asked to be removed. 


New Business:

Senator Fleming asked about PAAG and the role of the chair, renewable terms, and evaluations.  He asked if the chairs are considered to be faculty or administrators.  Currently chairs represent the deans to the faculty, according to a PPS that has not been revoked.  Chairs are therefore administrators or “bosses” and not considered primarily as faculty advocates or colleagues.  The president and provost seem to want chairs to serve as a bridge between faculty and the administration.  This is not something that the committee has discussed.  The new policy will replace the old PPS. 


Senator Shah said that the faculty has no input into the chair evaluations or appointments.  Senator Bell-Metereau observed that the committee has very little representation from faculty, as compared to the number of chairs on the committee.  Chairs serve at the pleasure of the president, technically speaking.


Senator Conroy asked about the redistribution of graduate enrollment, and she argued that the formula funding isn’t necessarily bringing more money back to the departments. 


Minutes from PAAG will need editing.  The September 1 meeting minutes went to the Chair, and he will forward those to Senator Shah.


Meeting adjourned at 5:50 .


Minutes submitted by Rebecca Bell-Metereau on October 26, 2004 .