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Oct 22, 1997 Minutes

Present: Bible, Conroy, Hays, Irvin, Oliver, Pascoe, Renick, Sawey,
Stimmel and Winek.

Absent: Bourgeois, Deduck-Evans, McGee

Guests & Liaisons: John Garstka, Joy Boone, Stewart Welsh, Glen Rydl,
Margaret Vaverek, Miriam Echeverria, Ed Mihalkanin, Audwin Anderson,
Catherine Hawkins, Larry Patterson, William Jackson, Gary Aron, Richard
Earl, Mike Moore, Dylan Sides.


1. Merit & Performance
2. Faculty Awards (aka Bonuses)
3. Faculty Salary Equity
4. Library Report
5. The State of "High-Tech" Classrooms
6. Faculty Promotion
7. Class and Final Exam Scheduling
8. The Imperious and Impervious Administration
9. Faculty Research Enhancement Grants
10. Average Faculty Salaries
11. Closing Remarks

The meeting was called to order by Chair Bible at 4:05 PM.


Chair Bible welcomed the Senate liaisons indicated that the Senate was
most interested in their concerns and hoped that the liaison system
could be used even more effectively than it is. He then summarized some
issues which the Senate has been addressing in this session:

ASG Teacher Evaluation Plan
Administration's Adherence to Policy
Drug Use Policy
Eligibility of Lecturers for Presidential Excellence Awards
Evaluation of Chairs and Deans
Faculty Awards Program
Faculty Merit and Performance -- PPS 7.10
Registration/Class Scheduling Concerns
Status of Temporary Faculty
The Role of Teaching at SWT
The Role of Service at SWT


Liaisons and senators introduced themselves and voiced any concerns
that they and their constituents had. Following are a listing and
brief description of these concerns.

1. Merit & Performance

There was considerable concern about the manner in which the latest
round of performance and merit was executed. Liaisons from at least
two schools indicated that there were different levels of performance
awarded, e.g. 4 or 8 steps, depending on factors that were NOT WELL

2. Faculty Awards (aka Bonuses)

Several representatives voiced concern about the lack of clarity with
respect to how bonuses were awarded this year. There was considerable
sentiment for a WELL DOCUMENTED PROCESS for the next round.

3. Faculty Salary Equity

As with faculty bonuses, representatives voiced considerable concern
about the lack of clarity of the process used to decide which faculty
would receive salary equity adjustments, and the remarkable need for
a WELL DOCUMENTED PROCESS to be in place. Chair Bible noted that a
faculty member had contacted him with specific questions concerning
this process and that he has posed them to the administration.

4. Library Report

Library liaison Vaverek reported that considerable progress is being
made on at least two fronts in the Library. First, a quality team
working on the librarian career ladder is drafting a new model for
consideration. This draft is nearly ready for presentation along the
"chain of command." Secondly, a quality team is working on the issue of
scheduling of professional librarians. Apparently, the SWT Library is
the only one in the country to schedule professional librarians from
7:30 AM to 1 AM; most libraries schedule such librarians no later than
10 PM. It was also reported that the latest night librarian resigned
after 10 months at SWT, making six who have resigned in the recent past.

Librarians are also at a loss to understand how the business of bonuses
was handled and would like to know how this will be done this year.

5. The State of "High-Tech" Classrooms

Many representatives voiced concern over the deplorable state of
disrepair of many of our "high-tech" classrooms. It seems these rooms
are put in place and then forgotten. Maintenance of equipment, cleaning
of the rooms, etc. appears to be almost uniformly neglected. Strong
sentiment was voiced for some UNIVERSITY-WIDE SYSTEM for maintenance,
updating, etc. for these facilities. In the face of administrative
rhetoric for "innovation" the INFRASTRUCTURE for facilitating such
appears to be very sadly lacking.

6. Faculty Promotion

Again from several schools came a concern that when faculty members are
recommended for promotion at the department, chair and school levels,
BUT then are turned down at levels beyond these, there is virtually no
guidance with respect how the candidate is deficient.

There was strong sentiment voiced for the "upper" administration to
provide a CLEARLY STATED SET OF STANDARDS which they are using in
determining the rank destiny of faculty members applying for promotion.

7. Class and Final Exam Scheduling

The by now well known concerns with respect to scheduling of classes
were reiterated. Particular concern was voiced for the matter of the
scheduling of final exams for evening classes. It continues to be the
case that Tuesday evening classes have Friday evening final exam times.

8. The Imperious and Impervious Administration

At several points, the use of the term "prerogative" by administrators
was noted. Considerable consternation was voiced about the ongoing and
deplorable use of this "trump card" by the current regime. One example
given was the recent statement by VPAA Gratz, in the CAD/Senate meeting,
that the allocation of merit and performance money was a "presidential
prerogative." Representatives were at a loss to understand what,
precisely, falls in the "administrative prerogative" category and on
what basis it has been decided that such are indeed prerogatives.

9. Faculty Research Enhancement Grants

Concern for the continuation of the faculty research enhancement grant
program was voiced. During the recent legislative session, funding for
this program, which used to be by line item, was removed. If the
program is to continue, it has to be explicitly budgeted by the current
administration. Currently there appears to be administrative support
for this program, but vigilance is the watch word in this area.

10. Average Faculty Salaries

Giving the current regime its due, it was noted that average salaries at
SWT have risen with respect to our "peers" over the past several years.

11. Closing Remarks

Senators urged liaison support of the Senate's committee system as well
as attendance at the PAAG meetings. Attendees were also urged to look
into the State Employee Charitable Campaign (Formerly United Way).


The Senate passed a motion recommending the minor in political mass

Minutes for the 10/15/97 meeting were approved.

The meeting adjourned at 5:56.