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Oct 8, 1997 Minutes

              Joint Council of Academic Deans/Faculty Senate

Burkhardt for Beck, Juarez, Cheatham, Gowens, Brown, Israel,
Gravitt, Willoughby, Martin
Faculty Senators-
Bechtol, Bourgeois, Conroy, Deduck, Hays, Boone for Renick, Irvin,
McGee, Oliver, Pascoe, Sawey, Simpson, Stimmel, Perkins for Winek
Chair of the Faculty Senate - Bible
Ex-Officio- Associate Vice President - Tangum, Cassidy, Smallwood,
Chair of Council of Chairs - Burkhardt

1. Faculty Compensation

a. Faculty Salary Equity Adjustments

Joe Meyer, Office of Institutional Research and Planning,
attended the CAD meeting to define the extensive process that
constituted the Faculty Salary Equity Study. Mr. Meyer stated
that several items were reviewed and discussed with an on-campus
committee as well as an outside consultant as part of the study:

-As recommended in the literature, to be as sensitive as possible
to potential differences, the underlying model was based on
salaries of tenured and tenure-track white males,
-variables in equation included, age, department, rank, degree,
service and administrative experience,
-actual and predicted salaries were standardized,

Utilizing this approach, there were no significant differences
based on gender or ethnicity. Next, an analysis was completed to
identify those individuals whose salaries fell outside of the
predicted range and results were sent to each dean. Deans
reviewed the individual salaries that fell more than 1.00
standard residual below the predicted salary, considered factors
not included in the model such as merit salary history, and
recommended any adjustments to be made.

Dr. Gratz stated that this salary analysis will be repeated
periodically to assure that no gender or ethnic bias is
discovered and to review salaries falling farthest below the
level predicted by the model.

It was suggested that a PPS be written on this process. Dr.
Gratz will discuss this suggestion with Dr. Supple.

b. PPS 7.10, Awarding Merit and Performance Raises to SWT Faculty

A revised version of the PPS was distributed for review in
June. The revisions were intended to clarity the practice used
to allocate funds to merit and performance pools. The President
makes the decision regarding the percentage of faculty raises to
be allocated for performance and merit.

Dr. Gratz suggested that this issue be discussed at the next PAAG
meeting and then return to CAD for further discussion.

c. Faculty Awards

Dr. Gratz clarified the amount that was allocated to the Academic
Affairs division for Faculty Awards ($262,000). Dr. Sawey
suggested that a policy and procedure statement be written on the
Faculty Awards Program. Dr. Gratz stated that this policy could
either be included in the Faculty Handbook or in a PPS. CAD will
discuss this issue.

Dr. Sawey had requested from the deans the justification for the
faculty awards given in their school. He has received this
information from three deans. Dr. Gratz will discuss this item
with the deans at the next CAD meeting.

2. Faculty Governance

Faculty Senators are concerned that some policies are not being
followed and asked who monitors the chairs and deans? Dr. Gratz
stated that policies are monitored by reports that are submitted
and by dealing with exceptions/complaints that are presented to
an administrator. Dr. Sawey stated that the Faculty Senate
Policy Oversight Committee has been formed of which he is chair.

Dr. Gratz gave an update on the revised Faculty Handbook. The
Handbook will be reviewed by the VPAA, the University Attorney
and the System General Counsel. Any changes or corrections will
then be reviewed by the Faculty Senate and CAD. Dr. Gratz
expressed his hope that all reviews and edits will be made by the
end of the semester.

3. Faculty Morale

a. Teaching

b. Service

Due to lack of time this item was RTA'd to the next PAAG meeting.

Dr. Gratz will follow-up on the progress of the committee to review the
Evaluation of Deans and Chairs.

Adjourned: 6:00 p.m.