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April 16, 1997 Minutes

Present: Bible, Bourgeois, Caverly, Deduck-Evans, Ford, Hays, Hunter,
McGee, Pascoe, Simpson, and Sawey.

Absent: Horne, Stimmel, Weller and Winek.

Guests: Candidates for developmental leave (see Contents) and Mike


Prof. Thomas Arsuffi (Biology)
Prof. Joni Charles (Fin & Econ)
Prof. John Edgell (Math)
Prof. Ken Grasso (Pol Sci)
Prof. Caneo Hwang (Comp Sci)
Prof. David Lippmann (Chem)
Prof. Elizabeth Makowski (History)
Prof. John Mogab (Fin E Econ)
Prof. Michael Nowicki (Health Admin)
Prof. LeAnne Stedman (HPER)
Prof. Miles Wilson (English)
Prof. Keith Winking (Music)


Each of the twelve applicants (M. McBride presented his proposal last
week) presented a brief summary of proposed work during a developmental
leave and answered questions regarding methodology, ultimate importance
of and use of findings, etc. Following are synopses of these proposals.

Prof. Thomas Arsuffi (Biology)

Professor Arsuffi pointed out the serious lack of printed material about
the San Marcos River. The goal of his proposal is to assemble experts
on various significant issues associated with the San Marcos River and
bring them together for a two day symposium in April of 1998. Those
associated with the symposium would bring manuscripts of each topic area
for which they are responsible which would result in a single accessible
reference book. The Symposium and book would serve as an important
component to SWT's commitment to educate the public and decision makers
about the importance of this invaluable ecosystem and landscape.

Prof. Joni Charles (Fin & Econ)

Professor Charles proposes a project to gain expertise in empirical
analysis of collective decision making methodology. This purpose may be
defined with four objectives: 1) To develop a survey questionnaire that
can accommodate verbal protocol analysis of the responses of
respondents. 2) To develop the coding scheme necessary to accurately
record their thought processes - the basis of verbal protocol. 3) To
gain the analytical expertise necessary to analyze the date collected.
4) To research an environmental conflict where there are multiple
stakeholders involved.

Prof. John Edgell (Math)

Professor Edgell is requesting time to prepare papers for publications.
He needs to refine, polish, edit and rewrite numerous papers he has been
invited to present at prior regional, state, national and international
conferences on math education.

Prof. Ken Grasso (Pol Sci)

Professor Grasso has been invited to write a book which explores the
doctrine of religious toleration expounded in Locke's Letter Concerning
Toleration in the light of contemporary America's ongoing debate over
the intellectual foundations of religious freedom. This project builds
on Professor Grasso's prior studies and specialization.

Prof. Caneo Hwang (Comp Sci)

Professor Hwang proposes to acquire experience in the field of
electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic commerce (EC). It will
extend the current research in EDI into a new domain, combining
WWW(WorldWideWeb), Database and Multimedia applications. He would
become a visiting professor at several schools in the Washington DC
area, visit other professors at these schools and visit federal agencies
to get a better understanding of EDI and ED

Prof. David Lippmann (Chem)

Professor Lippmann is requesting time to prepare papers for publications
and to rewrite instructional materials used by SWT chemistry students.

Prof. Elizabeth Makowski (History)

Professor Makowski proposes to write a book on the relationship of
Medieval Canon Law and the religious women. The project will be the
first to use consilia and related canon law commentary to explore
questions about the legal status of quasi-religious women in the
fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. Professor Makowski will do research
at the Library of Congress and at the Vatican Library.

Prof. John Mogab (Fin E Econ)

Professor Mogab has a developing expertise in Total Quality Management.
His project proposes to do research using the techniques from recent
developments in the area of fuzzy logic to resolve some of the ranking
issues associated with TQM. Prof. Mogab observed that private industry
is becoming less enchanted with the results of TQM, and he is working on
an alternative system.

Prof. Michael Nowicki (Health Admin)

Professor Nowicki has been invited to write a textbook on financial
management of hospitals. He has requested a developmental leave to
provide the intense time commitments necessary to produce the book.

Prof. LeAnne Stedman (HPER)

Professor Stedman intends to pursue a method of body training known as
Pilates. The method involves mat work and the uses of two machines
known as the Reformer and the Cadillac. Her goal is to compare
methodology while examining educational and clinical applications of the
Pilates Reformer. She intends to compare and evaluate the methods on
physical, theoretical and philosophical levels.

Prof. Miles Wilson (English)

Professor Wilson requests time to complete a novel. It is a cultural
satire and environmental picaresque which satirizes our shortfalls while
celebrating human resilience and the triumph of community.

Prof. Keith Winking (Music)

Professor Winking proposes to co-author a major text on jazz pedagogy
with Father George Wiskirchen, considered to be the "father" of jazz
education. The book will be a total jazz education book designed for
students and educators with little or no previous jazz experience.

The Senate met in closed session to rank the 13 candidates for leave.
Outcomes will be announced later.

There appears to be some degree of confusion regarding ownership of
copyrights and royalties of printed materials completed by faculty who
are on developmental leaves. Chair Bible will consult with Bill Fly,
the attorney for SWT.


MINUTES of 4-9-97

The Minutes of the 4-9-97 Senate meeting were approved with the
following correction.


First sentence: (9 chairs and 7 faculty)
Second sentence: This situation resulted from the recent reorganization
of the School which created some very small departments, called
programs, who have Program Chairs.

The meeting adjourned at 6:45

Shirley Pilus
Administrative Assistant