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Travel Office

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The Accounts Payable & Travel Office is dedicated to supporting the educational goals of the University through business travel and providing efficient, knowledgeable, accurate, and timely service.

Announcements & Updates

Access TravelTracks from a Mac Computer

For assistance accessing TravelTracks via the SAP Portal from a Mac computer, please visit the Technology Resources Web Tools page and scroll down to the RemoteApps option. Select "Microsoft Remote Desktop For Mac" for detailed instructions.

Please remember, Mac users typically have Safari as the primary browser, which is not supported by the SAP Portal. However, if your Mac has Internet Explorer, you may not have any issues logging into the SAP Portal.

Associated Fees for Traveler Name Changes or Corrections

The Travel Office audits each direct billed airfare booking, ensuring that the information matches information on the Travel Request (TR)/Funds Commitment (FC).  One of the most critical data fields on the TR/FC is the spelling of the traveler’s name.  Since the TR pulls the employee name from the SAP Human Resources (HR) record, it is crucial that the employee’s name in the HR record matches their government issued documents (e.g. driver’s license, birth certificate, passport, etc.). 

When a non-employee or (in limited cases) an employee travels under a FC, the Travel Office audits the direct billed airfare booking against the name that was manually entered on the FC.   It is imperative that the traveler’s name on the FC matches the traveler’s name on their government issued identification document(s).

In either case, if the traveler’s name on the TR/FC does not match their legal document(s), the traveler’s airline ticket may be issued with an incorrect name.  When either situation results in a fee to re-issue the ticket with the correct name, the fee must be absorbed by the university department.

To prevent this from happening, the Travel Office strongly recommends that departments work with HR to correct any instances where an employee’s name in the HR record does not match their government issued identification documents.  Where a mismatch is known and it is not possible to correct the HR record prior to ticketing the trip, the correct spelling must be prominently noted in the TR comments section or entered in the FC.

San Antonio International Airport Construction Update

Please select the following link to review construction and parking updates at the San Antonio International Airport.  You may want to review this information if you use this airport as it may require additional time for parking and subsequently to reach the flight gate.  Travel Assistants should inform others in their department who may use this airport. 

Construction and Parking Updates

New – Mileage Rate Update

Texas State’s maximum mileage reimbursement rate for travel occurring on or after January 1, 2017 is 53.5 cents per mile. Texas State’s maximum mileage reimbursement rate for travel occurring between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016 was 54.0 cents per mile. Please use the correct Mileage Rate that applies to the dates of travel.

Citibank Update - Online Application Available

Travelers who wish to have an individual liability travel charge card can apply for a card online.  See our updated State Charge Card website for updates and application details.

Sending Travel Requests

Effective immediately, travel assistants may “save and send” travel requests on behalf of the travelers.  This process change does not modify the traveler’s signature requirements for the expense reports and the Foreign Travel/Release of Liability Form.  Be sure to attach the signed release of liability form to the travel request before submitting to workflow.

Sending Travel Expense Reports

Effective immediately, travel assistants may “save and send” travel expense reports on behalf of the travelers when a zero dollar reimbursement to the traveler is submitted  This process change does not modify the traveler’s signature requirements for the expense reports with a reimbursement to the traveler.

Travel Contract Exception Form - Policy Change

Effective immediately, the Travel Contract Exception Form is no longer required unless you are paying from state appropriated funds.  View our Travel Policy Updates page for more information.

Approvals & Tolerance Levels

Who needs to approve your travel request/application?  Electronic Signatures are accepted.

In-State Travel

  • Traveler's Account Manager(s)

Out-of State Travel

  • Traveler's Account Manager(s)

Foreign Travel (includes Canada and Mexico)

  • Traveler's Signature on 'Request for Foreign Travel Approval and Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk' 
  • Traveler's Account Manager(s)
  • Provost/Cabinet Officer
  • President (if applicable)
  • Office of Research and Compliance (ORC)

Grant funded travel requires additional approval from the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).

What is the relationship between pre-approved travel and the travel reimbursement?

If there is no change of the Account Assignment(s) on the approved travel request/application, no additional approval is needed on the expense reimbursement.

If the travel reimbursement does not exceed the approved Funding within the encumbrance tolerance of the travel request/application, no additional approval is needed.

Tolerance is defined as:

  • The greater of $50 or 10%, but not to exceed $200 for in-state and out-of-state trips; or
  • The greater of $100 or 10%, not to exceed $500 for foreign trips.