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Forms & Resources


SAP Departmental Transaction List – Departmental transactions described and listed by department

SAP Document Types List – SAP Document types listed by name

SAP Icons – Quick one-page chart of SAP icons

SAP Icons Extended List – More inclusive list of SAP icons

List of Forms by Department

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General Accounting

Accounts Payable


  • AP-3 Wire Transfer Request Form
  • AP-9 Student Organization Account Payment Request Form (Form Instructions)
  • AP-10 Agency Account Payment Request Form
  • AP-12 Alcohol, Flowers, Food, and Refreshments Expense Authorization Form
  • AP-14 Petty Cash Account Certification Form
  • AP-15 Petty Cash Reimbursement Form (Form Instructions)
  • AP-16 Authorization for Employee Moving Expenses
  • FS-03 Contracted Services Payment Voucher

Grants & Research Payments

  • AP-2 Participant e-NPO Payment Request Form
  • AP-2 Upload Grant Payment Approval Request Form
  • AP-5 Research Advance Request Form (Form Instructions)
  • AP-6 Research Advance Reconciliation Form (Form Instructions)
  • AP-6M Research Advance Reconciliation (Multi) Form
  • AP-7 Research Advance Substantiation of Cash on Hand Form

Tax Exemption Forms

Expenditure Corrections

  • e-IDT: Electronic Interdepartmental Transfer

Vendor Maintenance

Financial Reporting

Account Maintenance

  • New Fund Request
  • New Cost Center Request
  • New Internal Order Request
  • Request to Map Existing Elements
  • Name Change Request  
  • Account Manager Change Request
  • Deactivation Request
  • Construction Account Request 
  • SAP Chart of Accounts Presentation for May 5 2016

Reconciling Your Account

  • Reconciling Your Account
  • Department Transaction Log and Reconciliation Summary

Interdepartmental Transfers (e-IDTs)

  • Using the eIDT Program
  • eIDT Account Manager Approval Guide 

Grants: Residual Transfer Requests

  • FR-03 Residual Transfer Request

Internal Sponsorships

  • Internal Sponsorships - List of Allowed Funds

Accounts Receivable & Invoicing

  • Accounts Receivable Process
  • Invoice_Template

Expecting Wire Payment Form (ACH Log)


  • Request For New Operating Fund
  • New Cost Center Request  
  • New Internal Order Request  
  • Budget Development Security Form

Human Resources

  • Compensation Forms
  • Employee Relations Forms
  • Employment Forms
  • Insurance Forms
  • Leave and Time Forms
  • Miscellaneous Forms
  • New Hire Forms
  • Organizational Management Forms
  • Outside Employment Forms
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Retirement Forms
  • Separation Forms
  • Salary Notice Templates
  • Workers' Compensation Forms
  • Supervisor Change Request Form

Materials Management

Moves and Events

  • Requesting Tables and Chairs for an Event
  • Requesting Pickup of Surplus Equipment
  • Requesting Delivery of Surplus Equipment from Warehouse
  • Requesting Departmental Moves
  • Requesting Catalog Deliveries

Central Receiving

  • Goods Receipt Notification
  • Return Shipping Information Form

Property Management

  • Create Asset Master Record
  • Equipment Transfer Form
  • Property Management's Cannibalization Form
  • Equipment on Loan Form
  • Non-University Function Equipment Loan Request
  • Inventory of Consumable Materials - Form B
  • Missing or Damaged Property Notification Report-Form C
  • Stolen Property Notification Report-Form D


  • Auth to release payroll ck
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment Form
  • ACH (Direct Deposit) Payment Destination Confirmation Form
  • FNIF1 06.05.13
  • FNIF2 06.05.13  
  • NRA Student Orientation 2013  
  • Request a Copy of W-2
  • rev 010614-Request to mail payroll ck  
  • Salary Spread 9-2013  
  • Personal Cellular Services Allowance Form_Attachment I   
  • Higher Threshold Personal Cellular Services Allowance Form_Attachment II    
  • IRS Form W-4 - (link to IRS web site)                 
  • Leave and Time Reporting Forms (link to HR web site)



TSUS Marketplace

  • Flowchart
  • Profile Setup Guide
  • User Guide


  • Personal Services Contracts Procedures-COMING SOON
  • Delegated Contract Authority List
  • Interlocal Cooperation Contract Template

General Purchasing

  • Approved Caterers List
  • Bid Protest/Appeal Guidelines
  • BuyBoard Cooperative
  • Centralized Master Bidders List (CMBL)
  • Check Vendor Hold Status
  • GL/Asset Reference Guide
  • Procurement Requirements: Justification Documentation & Bids
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) Template
  • Texas Procurement & Support Services (TPASS) website
  • Texas State University Current ESBD Postings

Vendor Maintenance

  • How to search for a vendor #
  • FSS PPS 03.01.16 - Vendor Maintenance

Procurement Card

  • Restricted Purchases
  • Prohibited Purchases
  • Procurement Card Manual **Updated October 2016


  • Current Open Encumbrance Report Instructions
  • Flowchart
  • Req to Check User Guide
  • SAP Resources Page - assistance with common SAP functions



Forms for Texas State Employees - TRAVELTracks
May require supplemental forms as appropriate

Supplemental Travel Forms

  • T-1 Transportation Cost Equivalency Form-To support cost effectiveness of mileage reimbursement for an out-of-state trip versus purchasing airfare and other related costs
  • T-3 Daily Mileage Worksheet-To assist in recording daily or routine mileage counts which are subject for reimbursement
  • T-4 Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk for Foreign Travel-Employees and students must submit at least 10 business days prior to departure. Non-Texas State personnel do not need to complete this form.
  • T-5 Travel Advance Request Form-To request advances for meals on student group travel or foreign travel only
  • T-102 Non-Overnight Meal Allowance-To approve a taxable meal allowance for travelers with frequent non-overnight travel.
  • Report of State Agency Travel to Washington DC- Office of State-Federal Relations (OSFR)

Tax Exemption Forms

  • 12-302 State Hotel Occupancy Tax Exemption-To receive state hotel tax exemption from the Texas hotel vendor
  • 14-305 Motor Vehicle Tax Exemption Form-To be used when employees are renting a vehicle and paying with a personal or corporate travel card. Only complete page 1. (Rental cars secured with a purchase order will automatically receive the tax exemption.)

Forms for Non-Texas State Employees
Required for prospective employees, students, consultants, or other non-Texas State employees not in the TRAVELTracks system

  • T-10 Travel Authorization-To receive approval for official business travel and to encumber funds for Non-Texas State employees
  • T-11 Travel Expense Reimbursement Form-Instructions and forms for completing a paper Travel Expense Report
  • T-11M Travel Expense Reimbursement Form (Multiple Funding Sources)-Instructions and forms for completing a paper Travel Expense Report paid from more than one account

State Travel Charge Card Forms

  • Citibank Online Application
  • T-9 Individual Bill Account Cardholder Agreement Form
  • T-14 Individual Bill Travel Card Credit Limit Increase Form