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Close-up portrait of a nurse wearing a scrub cap and surgical mask

Creating a Safer Healthcare Environment

Patient violence in healthcare is a growing epidemic, but Texas State University professor Son Chae Kim, of the St. David’s School of Nursing, is working toward a remedy.

View of the San Marcos River, looking upstream from a point over the center of the water

Research and Education in a Unique Environment

Meadows Center researcher Thomas Hardy describes the connections — environmental, cultural, educational and recreational — between San Marcos and its river.

Robert Tally

Charting a Course Through the Human Experience

Dr. Robert T. Tally Jr., English professor, is a leading scholar in spatial literary studies. He interprets maps made of words rather than lines and shapes.

Genetic Stock Center

Combating Cancer with Genetics

Research with a unique tropical fish is shining new light in the fight against cancer at Texas State’s Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center, a rare biomedical science resource.

Player Safety video

Protecting the Head with More Than Helmets

Dr. Missy Fraser of Texas State's Biomechanics and Sports Medicine Lab users sensor-equipped headbands to understand bodily impacts and keep athletes safe.


A woman gestures confidently at a presentation screen while several other people watch, sitting at a table.

Leadership & Administration Master's in Nursing

Nursing students in this new major will learn to deliver innovative healthcare practices and be prepared to take on roles as expert leaders.

Lindsey Menge

Healthy Connections

Lindsey Menge came to Texas State for the expert-led, hands-on opportunities in human nutrition. Now, her research will help keep our campus healthy.

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President Denise M. Trauth

Dr. Denise M. Trauth is the ninth president of Texas State University, having served in the role since 2002. During that time, the university has been designated one of the state's Emerging Research Universities as well as a federal Hispanic-Serving Institution.