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SAP Concur Expense

SAP Concur Expense is the university’s new travel management system. This system facilitates the Travel Request to Expense Report reimbursement process for all Texas State faculty, staff, students, and non-employee travelers in a single travel system. SAP Concur Expense replaces TRAVELTracks and the Travel Funds Commitment/e-NPO travel processes. With SAP Concur Expense, it is important to understand that Travel Assistants will be designated the "Proxy" role and the "Processor" will be the Travel Office.

In conjunction with the move to SAP Concur Expense, the university will use a single Travel Management Company (TMC). Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) is the university’s designated TMC for direct bill airfare and lodging reservations. You will not have to personally pay for business travel reservations made through CTP.

CTP uses SAP Concur Travel, which is an intuitive and user-friendly online booking tool that delivers the broadest selection of travel. Fully approved trip numbers (4-digit alphanumeric combination, ex. 334P) are required for all reservations. When booking your itineraries through SAP Concur Travel, the reservation information will be submitted to CTP for final airfare ticketing, hotel reservations, and invoicing. The fees for CTP are lower than booking online or through a travel agent, which is another benefit for the university in addition to ease of use.

CTP can also be contacted directly for full-service reservations with an agent outside of the online booking tool.  Typically, these types of reservations involve multi-stop international travel or group travel. Each department will determine the best booking method to use based on their specific travel requirements.

CTP Assistance Contact Information

Online Help Full-service Reservations Group Reservations

After Hours

(877) 727-5188 (800) 523-9036 (800) 810-2695 (800) 823-6582
  (210) 366-9565 (210) 530-0857 *additional fee applies  

Recorded Training Sessions

Please be advised that the meeting officially begins at 9 minutes 50 seconds into the video.

Concur Test Pilot Training (7.20.21)

Training Guides

Helpful Applications

SAP Concur Mobile for iPhone

SAP Concur Mobile for Android


Conferma Pay


Please contact the Travel Office with any questions or comments.