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State Travel Charge Card

Charge Card Vendor - Citibank

The Comptroller's Office has again awarded Citibank the state travel charge card services contract. 

Texas State's Travel Charge Card Program Administrators

For any questions regarding the travel card program, please contact your Travel Charge Card Program Administrators:

How to Apply for a Citi Travel Card

To access the online application, you will need your Texas State net user id.

Required forms:  Online Citi application and Individual Bill Account Cardholder Agreement Form.

How the Travel Card Program Works



  • Full-time faculty or staff, and
  • Take, or be expected to take, three (3) or more business trips per fiscal year, or
  • Expend at least $500 on official state travel business per fiscal year.


  • Used only for business-related charges while traveling on official state business
  • Pay card statement timely
  • Report lost card immediately

CitiManager Cardholder Job Aids

This document provides information on how to apply for a card, view statements, and setup e-mail alerts.

Program Administrators' Responsibility

  • Review online applications for processing
  • Assist with cardholder issues
  • Review cardholder expense reports for compliance
  • Report misuse of the travel charge card
  • Report on payment deliquencies
  • Cancel travel cards upon request, termination or misuse