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Travel Advances

Basic Guidance

UPPS 05.06.04 Travel Advance Policy

Travel advances may be requested by an employee when:

  • at least one student is traveling with the employee,
  • when travel involves a foreign destination,
  • when the travel relates to research. 

Only employees may request a travel advance.  Students, contractors, or prospective employees may not request a travel advance. The minimum advance is $200.00 for domestic travel and $500.00 for foreign travel. The amount requested cannot exceed the total estimated trip costs.

For research advances, the trip period must exceed five calendar days with planned expenses of $500 (minimum advance amount) or more. Research advances related to human subject payments, other research expenses, or if funded by a grant should refer to UPPS 02.02.06.

The travel advance is requested on the TRAVELTracks Travel Request and must be submitted to the Travel Office at least ten (10) business days before the travel start date. Travel advances are issued no earlier than 14 calendar days before the travel start date. If an advance is needed and the Travel Request has already been processed, the traveler must contact the Travel Office to reset the Travel Request so it may be modified for the advance. Once the traveler has adjusted the Travel Request for the advance, they must resubmit for approval through the workflow.

Paper Form Travel Advance Request

In some exception situations, it may be necessary to request an advance outside of TRAVELTracks on a Funds Commitment. Please contact the Travel Office at 5-2775 to discuss.  If the advance cannot be completed using TRAVELTracks, the traveler will complete the T-5 Travel Advance Request Form.

Once completed, the traveler must obtain the required approvals and submit the form to the Travel Office under the same timeframe as above.

Reconciling Unused Travel Advance Funds Obtained Using the T-5 Form on a Funds Commitment

Once the trip has been completed, the traveler will complete the T-11 Travel Reimbursement Form to clear and reconcile this type of advance. If the advance was issued using multiple funding accounts, please use the T-11M Travel Reimbursement Form  to clear and reconcile the advance. Please return the completed form to

Reconciling Travel Advance Funds Obtained Using TRAVELTracks

The funds advanced will be deducted from the Travel Reimbursement payment when the Travel Reconciliation Expense Report is completed. The Expense Report must be completed and submitted to the Travel Office within 30 calendar days after the trip end date.

TouchNET - Online Travel Advance Repayment Option

The TouchNET System is the preferred method for repaying any unused travel advance funds. This process can be done through the internet no matter where you are located.  You do not need to make the repayment at the Cashier’s Office in JCK.

When using the Travel Advance Returned Funds website, there is no need to enter the General Ledger Number or Fund Number as they are programmed into the system. Enter the repayment amount, the Trip Number, your first and last name, your email address, your bank routing number, and bank account number. Once the repayment is confirmed via email, retain a copy for your records and attach a copy to the Expense Report to clear the advance.  Be sure your bank account has available funds to avoid an insufficient funds fee.

Travel Return on Advance (ROA) Form

Use the T-6 Travel Return on Advance Form (deposit form) when returning unused travel advance funds via check or cash.  To complete the form:

  • Enter the 10-digit trip number in the Assignment field on the deposit form. No other data is allowed in this field.  
  • Enter General Ledger 101110 and Fund 2025031000. No cost center is entered.
  • Include the Trip Number in the description field.

The completed form and funds should be taken to Student Business Services (JCK 188) for processing.

A copy of the deposit ticket must be attached to the Travel Reconciliation Expense Report.