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Please visit our e-NPOs webpage for more information as well as training materials. The e-NPO process is for employee reimbursements, refunds, and infrequent payments to vendors when a purchase order was not created.

Foreign Vendor Payment Options

  • The three methods of payment for foreign vendors are check, p-card, and wire.
  • Payment by check is the preferred method. The secondary method is payment by p-card. Please contact your vendor to determine if either of these forms of payment are acceptable prior to requesting a wire.
  • If your vendor does not accept payment by check or p-card, payment may be made via wire.
  • For more information regarding foreign vendor payments, refer to the below sections of the AP Office Announcements webpage:
    • Foreign Vendor Payments (042418A)
    • Revised AP-3 Wire Transfer Request Form (042418B)

Wire Payments

Before requesting a wire payment, please review the Foreign Vendor Payment Options above.

Tax Exemption Forms

Please visit the Tax Compliance Forms page on the Payroll & Tax Compliance Office website for:

  • Texas Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate
  • Texas Sales & Use Tax Exemption - Business Card Size

Scroll down to the "TXST Tax Compliance Forms" section and select "Sales Tax & Hotel Tax Exemption Certifications."