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Student Organization Accounting System


The following information is provided for student organizations approved through UPPS 03.01.10 to use the Student Organization Accounting System. The Student Organization Accounting System is housed in SAP and is the method of accounting for deposits and payments from a Student Organization account approved in UPPS 03.01.10.


Vendor Numbers Quick Guide

Searching for Vendor Number in SAP

  • Vendors require an SAP vendor number in order to be paid for their services. If a vendor does not exist in SAP, send an email to requesting that the vendor be added. The Procurement & Strategic Sourcing office will then generate an invite to the vendor to provide their information in the required electronic format.
  • Reimbursements use the vendor's SAP number or 700001 if no vendor number exists. Vendor number 700001 may only be used for refunds or reimbursements, not goods or services. When using 700001, the complete mailing address must be provided.
  • For payments to Texas State departments, enter "TXSTATE."

Expense GL Codes Guide

Use the most appropriate expense GL code for the payment being processed.  More than one may be required.

Expense GL Description
729900 Payment of Services / Honorarium / Speakers
740600 Rental of Equipment
747000 Rental of Space
770001 Cash Awards / Prizes
773000 Reimbursements, Supplies, Registrations, Travel, Cash Advances

Scholarship Payments

If your student organization wishes to award a Texas State student a scholarship, the payment will require special processing and coordination with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships.

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships requires the following information:

The transmittal form must be submitted to prior to submitting the payment request to Accounts Payable.

Note:  A transmittal form is not required for each payment, but is required for each scholarship. 

The scholarship amount will be recorded to on the Texas State student's financial aid record and will be used in the calculation of financial need.

Faculty & Staff Advisor Information

Contact Information

Subject Department Contact
Vendor Set Up Procurement & Strategic Sourcing
Student Organization Account Creation/Update Financial Reporting & Analysis
Deposits Cashier's Office (512) 245-2544
Payment Status Accounts Payable
Sales Tax Payroll & Tax Compliance
1099 Requirements Payroll & Tax Compliance
Student Organization Information Student Involvement @ LBJSC (512) 245-3219
Account Balances Student Organization Advisor