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Research Advances

The Research Advance Program is designed to provide Principal Investigators (PIs) who have funded research projects or scholarly creative activities the flexibility to expend funds for off-campus activities for which it is impossible or not practical to use the normal university procurement, payroll, or reimbursement processes.

Research advances are approved at the discretion of the Office of the Associate Vice President for Research (AVPR).  Additional departmental approvals or sponsored program reviews are required depending on the research advance project or funding source.


AVPR Links

Research Advance Policy Link

Paying Human Subjects - UPPS 02.02.06


Be sure to complete your request forms with sufficient advance notice for the payment to be processed.  Complete your reconciliation form in a timely manner.  Faculty members with outstanding advances may not receive additional funds.


For additional information or questions regarding the policy and process, contact the Accounts Payable Office or the Office of the Associate Vice President for Research.