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Please consider supporting the Department &/or one of its projects.


The Glenn and Donna Joy Scholarship in Philosophy and Logic

Awarded for best brief statement explaining the importance or relevance of logic.


The Victor Holk Graduate Scholarship in Philosophy, Sustainability, and Creativity

Awarded for best brief statement explaining the applicant's interest in, and the importance of, graduate study in Philosophy, Sustainability, or Creativity.


The David Hume Scholarship

Awarded yearly in April to the Philosophy major or minor who writes the best paper in the analytical tradition of Hume with emphasis on clear argumentation, concern for language, and scientific evidence.


The James Seamus Treanor Scholarship

Awarded for best one page statement about why the study of philosophy is valuable.


Philosophy Dialogue Series Program Endowment

Funds the ongoing Dialogue Series and associated events.


Philosophy Excellence Fund

If you are interested in donating to the department in a more general way.


Click here to be taken to the general Texas State donation page.

After selecting the dollar amount, please select the option for "search for other Texas State University programs", search for "philosophy", and you will then be able to choose one of the options listed above.

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For more information, please contact either

Dr. Craig Hanks

512.245.2285 /


Dr. Vincent Luizzi

512.245.3142 /