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Philosophy Events

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Performing Arts Center, Recital Hall
Texas State University
; Recital Hall
Danielle McEwen
Department of Psychology
Campus Sponsor:
Common Experience, Department of Psychology, and additional units
Official Common Experience Event
Common Experience Insight Series

Dr. Temple Grandin: "Different Kind of Minds"
Temple Grandin was nonverbal until nearly four years of age. Through the love and support of her family and teachers, she was able to attend school despite being teased and bullied. Inspired by her science teacher, she embarked on a career in science studying animal husbandry, for which she has received much notoriety. At the age of 18, she invented the “squeeze box” as a way of coping with extreme anxiety. Dr. Grandin’s books about her interior life as an autistic person have increased the world's understanding of the condition with personal immediacy — and with import, as rates of autism diagnoses rise. She is now one the most visible and leading advocates for individuals with autism.
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