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Advising - for Philosophy minors and majors

Informal Fallacy Definitions - a list of errors in reasoning

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Portfolio and Exit Exam for Philosophy BA Majors 

Scholarships - for Philosophy students

Women in Philosophy

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Tips for MAAPE students : Tips for MAAPE Students (PDF, 198 KB)

Some Helpful Tips for Students in the MAAPE Program.

A word (or two) about MAAPE thesis proposals : MAAPE Thesis Proposals (PDF, 34 KB)

A Few Words About MAAPE Thesis Proposals

Thesis tips for MAAPE : MAAPE Thesis (PDF, 23 KB)

Tips for MAAPE Thesis

Graduate Instructional Assistant Application (2)-2 : Graduate Student Instructional Assistant Application (DOC, 39 KB)

FOR NEW IAs: If you are interested in working as an Instructional Assistant in Philosophy, please submit this application, along with all supporting documents, to the Department of Philosophy office (102 COMAL).

Spring Application Deadline: March 1st
Fall Application Deadline: November 1st

RETURNING IAs: A written statement of intent to continue is due to the Departmental office by 1 April for fall employment.