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Our Mission

     Our mission is to provide a balance between exceptional customer service and compliance.


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Payroll and Tax Compliance is responsible for:
  • Production and distribution of payroll
    • Produce and distribute payroll and reports for over 10,000 employees
    • Promote participation in direct deposit and electronic notification of earnings
    • Maintain payroll records for all employees
    • Provide verification of employment
    • Withholding and remission of ERS, TRS and ORP contributions
  • Tax reporting and compliance
    • Withholding and remission of payroll taxes
    • Production and transmission of monthly, quarterly and annual tax reports
    • Production and distribution of W-2, 1042-S and other year-end reporting
    • Compliance with and reporting of NRA taxation
  • Departmental training
    • Provide training for departmental personnel on payroll related functions
    • Maintain website to provide information to individuals and departments