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Misc. photos

Mama lied! It seems you can...
Jumbo shrimp just hangin' on a coconut! Cost: 20,000 dong (about $0.85 USD)
All I can say is...OMG! bún chả is amazing!!! grilled pork patties, vegies and rice noodles
A son tells his father all the important things about water...
A little daddy-daughter bonding on a Sunday morn...
Ready for a stroll in the monsoon rain in the center of Ha Noi....when in Ha Noi, dress like a Hanoian I always say!
What? You thought I was kidding? Did this for well over two hours non-stop!! Cats-n-dogs anyone?
St. Joseph's Cathedral, Hanoi built around 1816 by the French

August 2018

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