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Siemen's Founder Award Presented to Texas Mathworks

The 2006-07 Siemens Foundation Founder’s Award was presented to Texas Mathworks on Dec. 2, 2007  in New York at the national Siemens Competition Finals. Mathworks is a center for innovation in mathematics education at Texas State University. Mathworks' mission is to develop model programs and self-sustaining learning communities that engage Texas K-12 students from all backgrounds in doing mathematics at a high level. In the past 7 years, 69 Mathworks students have been semi-finalists or above in the Siemens Research Competition.  This past year, 15 students (5 teams) were semi-finalists, including 6 students who were regional finalists. Mathworks received the 2001 Star Award for Closing the Gaps from Governor Perry, and Mathworks Director Max Warshauer received the 2001 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Math and Engineering Mentoring.  Over 7000 students and 600 teachers have participated in Mathworks programs, which have been recognized 7 times by the American Math Society Epsilon Fund as one of the top 6 programs in the country.

The Siemens Foundation Founder’s Award is an annual monetary award of $15,000 given in recognition of an individual or school for their work in encouraging students to participate in math, science or technology research programs and their effort to provide the necessary support consistent with Siemens Foundation mission of enhancing math and science in American high schools. The award is presented annually by Albert Hoser, founder and former Chairman and CEO of the Siemens Foundation. Mr. Hoser established the Foundation in July 1998 to promote and support science and mathematics education in the United States.  Previously, he served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Siemens Corporation.

Pictured left-to-right are Peter von Siemens, Bettina con Siemens, Max Warshauer, Hiroko Warshauer,
and Albert Hoser, with the $15,000 Siemens Founders Award check.