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Mathworks Sponsors

When you add your name as a Mathworks sponsor, you'll be supporting students of all socioeconomic backgrounds to reach for the highest plateaus of mathematics achievement.  Funding provides crucial support to prepare the nation's next generation of leaders in math, science, and technology.

Mathworks Sponsors & Donors

Thanks to you, we are together making an impact on students of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and raising the level of mathematics achievement for all students.  Thank you!

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Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship

for the Mathworks Honors Summer Math Camp

The Alumni Legacy Endowed Scholarship for the HSMC is a small, but growing endowment. The funds are managed by the Texas State University Development Foundation, and proceeds are used to support camp scholarships, providing mathematical opportunities to students of all backgrounds.

We thank you!

  • Barbara & Mark Kazlowski
  • Ben Salinas
  • Blake Ford
  • Bugao Xu & Helen Huang
  • Debbie Sultemeier
  • Ed & June Malachosky (for Chris Malachosky)
  • Eli Hurowitz
  • Eric Ford
  • Erik Feng
  • Felicia Alderete
  • Fred Wulff
  • Fred Thum
  • Genbao Shi (for Millie Shi)
  • Greg Malecha
  • Greg Stoll
  • Griselda Gonzales
  • Guanghiu Hu (for Jennifer Hu)
  • Henry Wang (for Annabel Wang)
  • Hamn Ching Chen
  • Hong Tian
  • Huawei Zhao & Zinjing Xu
  • Ilya Sherman
  • Jeffrey Middleton
  • Jenny Chen
  • Jane Hedgepeth 
  • Jianwei Liu
  • Jingyi Shao
  • Jonathan Einav
  • Joseph Chen (for Athena Chen)
  • Kimberly Yeh
  • Kuen Chu & Mei Ling Wang (for Sophia Chu)
  • Kyehong & Sunmee Kang
  • Kris Kazlowski
  • Liza Wimberley
  • Patty Amende
  • Peggy Kalas
  • Richarda Momsen
  • Sallyann Zhou
  • Sarah Spikes
  • Sharon Xie
  • Stephanie Chan
  • Stephen Ferns
  • Susan Buck Hawthorne
  • Sushovan Guha
  • Tim Hsiau
  • Victor Cepeda
  • Wenjia Zhang & Qunying Gao (for Linda Zhang)
  • Wen-Jing Lin
  • Wenyaw Chan & Alice Chuang
  • Xuejen Feng
  • Yang Mou
  • Yan Lin Qi & Suhua Wang (for George Qi)
  • Yuk Tsang