The Center is fortunate to have top faculty from multiple departments teaching the Senior Seminar capstone class (IS 4380) required of all IS majors for graduation. Students in the capstone course read and discuss articles and books on global issues, conduct research on topics of interest to them, and present their findings to the class. Faculty from Geography, History, Political Science, and World Languages bring diverse perspectives and multidisciplinary approaches to understanding the world today, so students are equipped to impact tomorrow.

Dr. Paul Hart, Director of the Center for International Studies standing in Taylor Murphy courtyard

Dr. Paul Hart

Director, Center for International Studies

Office: DERR 101C

Email: ph18@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (History) - The University of California, San Diego, 1997

Areas of Interest: Modern Mexico, U.S.- Latin American Relations, Immigration


Dr. Jennifer Devine, Associate Professor in the Department of Geography headshot

Dr. Jennifer Devine

Associate Professor, Geography

Office: ELA 381

Email: devine@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (Geography) - The University of California, Berkeley, 2013

Areas of Interest: Human-environmental relations, Latin American - US politics, critical social theory

Dr. Thomas Doyle II, Associate Professor in Department of Political Science sitting in front of book shelves

Dr. Thomas E. Doyle, II

Associate Professor, Political Science

Office: UAC 375

Email: ted29@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (Political Science) - The University of California, Irvine, 2010

Areas of Interest: international security, international ethics, nuclear ethics, political theory

Dr. Sergio Martinez, Professor in Department of World Languages and Literature headshot.

Dr. Sergio Martinez

Professor, World Languages and Literatures

Office: CENT 224F

Email: sm55@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (Latin American Literature) - The University of Arizona, 2005

Areas of Interest: Mexican and Mexican American literature, migration literature, and Mexico-United States transnational studies

Dr. Leah Renold, Associate Professor in Department of History sitting on stone bench

Dr. Leah Renold

Associate Professor, History

Office: TMH 209

Email: lr22@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (Modern South Asian History) - The University of Texas, Austin

Areas of Interest: Modern South Asian History, History of Religion, Nonviolence and Social Justice

Dr. Anadelia Romo, Associate Professor in Department of History leaning against brick wall

Dr. Anadelia Romo

Associate Professor, History

Office: TMH 210

Email: ar23@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (History) - Harvard University, 2004

Areas of Interest: Latin America, Race, Modern Brazil, Afro-Latin America, Modernism, Inequality, Visual culture

Dr. Louie Dean Valencia-García, Assistant Professor Department of History sitting on sculpture with a book in hand.

Dr. Louie Dean Valencia-García

Assistant Professor, History 

Office: TMH 226

Email: lvalencia@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (History) - Fordham University, 2016

Areas of Interest: Digital History, European History, Spain, the Mediterranean, Transnational

Dr. Ionut Popescu Department of Political Science headshot

Dr. Ionut Popescu

Assistant Professor, Political Science

Office: UAC 323

Email: icp11@txstate.edu

Ph.D. (Political Science) - Duke University, 2013

Areas of Interest: International Security, Strategy and Conflict, and American Foreign Policy and National Security