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Audrey Goodman | Songlines: Following Joy Harjo’s Musical Route
Brazos Hall | Wednesday, March 25, 2020 | 3:30 pm

Adurey Goodman, Photo 2020Muskogee poet and musician Joy Harjo plays with many forms of song, blues, and jazz to imagine pathways through time, across space, and towards new futures. This talk considers how Harjo’s musical sources -- from the jazz beats of Gwendolyn Brooks’s poetry to the soaring improvisations of Charlie Parker’s saxophone and the rhythms of Muskogee stomp dance – inspire her to create patterns of call and response, as well as dynamic layers of sound, story, and imagery.

Sarah Coleman | To Reward the Wrong Way Is Not the American Way: Immigrants’ Rights and the Battle over Welfare in the 90s
Brazos Hall | Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | 12:00 pm

Coleman Lecture Image This presentation focuses on a broad shift in immigrants’ rights and welfare policy in the 1990s. In the GOP, conservatives—including the newly elected Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich—used Proposition 187 in the “Contract with America” and more broadly harness the ballot initiative’s electoral popularity to push the Republican Party toward a restrictionist immigration policy. Within the Clinton White House, concerns about California in the 1996 presidential election grew after seeing Proposition 187, giving strength to those pushing centrist ideas of welfare reform and immigration restriction. These shifts enabled the 1996 Welfare Reform Act, which included provisions that removed millions of authorized immigrants from Supplemental Security Income (SSI), food stamps and other programs. The welfare reform act signaled the emergence of a new period of immigration policy.

CSSW Spotlight
William Jensen's Short Story in Stoneboat's Best of Decade Issue

William Jensen’s “Camino Real,” which was originally published in 2014 and nominated for a Pushcart Prize, was reprinted in the latest issue of Stoneboat as part of their “best of the decade” edition. The story focuses on a nomadic father and son journeying through Texas while trying to maintain a sense of purpose.

You can find the issue on Stoneboat's website.

CSSW Spotlight
Infrarrealista Review Launch Party
Saturday, March 7, 2020 | 8:00 pm - 2:00 am
El Luchador Bar, 622 Roosevelt AVE, San Antonio, TX 78210

Infrarrealista Review Event Flyer Image Infrarrealista Review is a literary journal that invites Texan writers who are outside of the literary tradition to reject binaries and take control over their narratives, and art, rather than accepting labels largely invited by white academics.

We have borrowed the name Infrarrealistas from the avant-garde literary movement started in Mexico City.

Our launch party is proud to present music by the San Antonio band Mirame. The group fuses indie rock with R&B and various Latin music genres and shed light on Culture, Environmentalism, and Love. Scholar of Tejanx music, DJ San Quilmas, will also play a special set. Anel H. Flores, also a San Antonio Native and author of the Queer Chicanx novel, Empanada, will be reading amongst other Texan writers and poets.

School Closures and Black Depopulation in Austin, Texas | Ricardo H. Lowe
Thursday, February 13, 2020 | 12:30 pm | Brazos Hall

Ricardo Lowe Photo, 2020This project explores the role of local public policy – in particular, school closing decisions – in displacing Austin African Americans from their homes and neighborhoods in the heart of Texas.

CSSW Spotlight
Will Wilson Holds Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange (CIPX)

Brandy Hill, Ruby Longoria and Rebecca Jenson  at CIPX EventOn November 16, 2019, photographer and artist Will Wilson held a Critical Indigenous Photographic Exchange [CIPX] with members and allies of central Texas’ indigenous communities.  Dine’ artist Will Wilson started the CIPX as a direct counter to the centennial celebration of Edward S. Curtis’ compendium of Native American and indigenous subjects.

Photography students Brandy Hill, Ruby Longoria and Rebecca Jenson hold a tintype they helped develop during a CIPX San Marcos workshop in November. 

More about CIPX can be found on the CIPX news page.