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MA Theses

Listing of Anthropology Graduate Theses completed at Texas State University,
2003 - Present

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2019 Warms Baker, Jordan "Women are Veterans Too!": Exploring Gender and Identity among Female Veterans
2019 Hamilton Koutlias, Lauren Age-at-formation and duration of linear enamel hypoplasia and accentuated (pathological) striae in ancient, modern, and forensic populations as an indicator of differential developmental stress
2019 Spradley Wiedenmeyer, Emilie An examination of musculoskeletal markers to analyze occupational type of a modern documented population using the Coimbra Method
2019 Herrmann Rogers, Mindy Application of Non-Destructive Dental Age Estimation Methods Using Root Translucency on Latin American Hispanics
2019 Wescott Riegert, Dorothy Diachronic trends in linear enamel hypoplasia at the Maya sites of Colha, La Milpa, and Dos Hombres
2019 Hamilton Ratliff, Lauren Evaluating diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) as lifestyle indicators in the Texas State University donated skeletal collection
2019 Herrmann Cook, Jacob Exploring age related changes in cortical bone in individuals over 50 using radiographs
2019 Ahlman Bowden, Taylor Exploring Enslaved African Lifeways: An Isotopic Study of an 18th Century Cemetery (SE600) on St. Eustatius, Caribbean
2019 Pruetz Reyes, Kaleigh Feeding ecology and habitat use of the Senegal parrot at Fongoli: Possible implications for sympatric chimpanzees
2019 Hamilton Afra, Kamar Genotypic expression of traits on craniofacial hard tissue for positive identification purposes in a modern European-American skeletal collection
2019 Spradley Helgeson, Kari Geographic origin estimation of Latin American individuals using craniometric data
2019 Bousman Himes, Sarah Paleolandscape Reconstruction Using Geoproxy Evidence at Erfkroon, South Africa
2019 Wescott Feeser, Laney Rib fracture analysis of infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation methods using porcine surrogates
2019 Taylor Allen, Alejandro Study hard, eat less : exploring food insecurity among college students
2019 Black Heisinger, Bryan The Archaeology of Skiles Shelter (41VV165): A Long-Term Rockshelter Plant Baking Facility in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands
2019 Black McCuistion, Emily The Camel of Time: Radiocardon Dating the Lower Pecos Canyonlands
2019 Wescott Garza, Shelby The effects of labor on the biomechanical properties of the femora and the humeri in the 19th and 20th centuries
2019 Hamilton Znachko, Caroline The embodiment of vertebral stress among documented Americans and unidentified migrants found along the United States-Mexico border: A biocultural approach
2019 Wescott Holley, Hanna The environmental effect of mummification in Texas and Colorado
2019 Wescott Cruz, Krysten The Morphological and Osteometric Sorting of Human Commingled Assemblages: Tali and Calcanei
2019 Conlee Pratt, William The utilitarian and ritual applications of volcanic ash in ancient Ecuador
2018 Herrmann Kramer, Robyn Application of Stable Isotopes and Geostatistics to Infer Region of Geographic Residence for Undocumented Migrants
2018 Hamilton Lennartz, Autumn Assessing Patterns of Moisture Content in Desiccated and Mummified Tissue: A Baseline Study
2018 Spradley New, Briana Assessing the Population Struiction of Texas-Mexico Border Migrants
2018 Spradley Chu, Elaine Body Mass Estimation: Preliminary Population Specific Equations for South Texas Migrant Hispanics and an Evaluation of Geographic Variation within a Population
2018 Herrmann Swearinger, Mary Comparison of Age-at-Death Estimations Based on Dental Cementum Increment Analysis, Rib Histology, and Skeletal Morphological Traits in Unidentified Latin American Migrants
2018 Hamilton Demere, Justin Differential Decomposition Rates of Refuse Covered Human Remains
2018 Hamilton Flor-Stagnato, Kati Evaluating Structure from Motion Photogrammetry For Use with Buried Human Remains
2018 Hamilton Sincerbox, Susan Postmortem Interval Estimation and Microbe-Driven Decomposition: Bloat, Purge, and Accumulated Degree Days in Central Texas
2018 Black Pagano, Victoria Stories in the sand : excavation and analysis of the Sayles Adobe terrace (41VV2239) in Eagle Nest Canyon, Langtry, Texas
2018 Conlee Wilson, Katherine The Ceramics of Washgton Mounds (3HE35): An Analysis of Whole Pots and Decorated Ceramic Sherds from an Early to Middle Caddo Mound Site in Southwestern Arkansas
2018 Wescott Lewis, Krystle The effects of clothing on vulture scavenging and spatial distribution of human remains in Central Texas
2018 Wescott Galea, Jessica The relationship of pelvic scars and pelvic instability through an analysis of the gross morphology and microarchitecture of the pubic symphysis
2018 Taylor Roberts, Taylor Understanding How Texas State University Undergraduate Students Experience and Manage Stress: A Qualitative Study
2017 Black Nielsen, Tina A Microstratigraphic Approach to Evaluatin gsite Formation Processes at Eagle Cave (41W167)
2017 Reilly Nowak, Jesse A Settlement History of Okeeheepkee: Community Organization of the Lake Jackson Site in Florida
2017 Herrmann Wolfe, Christopher A Study of Growth and Resilience among Historic African American Populations at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
2017 Reilly Smith, Tara Cosmic Ventures of the Olmec Dwarf: An Analysis of the Dispersal and Transformatio of Dwarf Imagery within Olmec Iconography
2017 Spradley Yukyi, Nandar Craniometric Variations of Modern Asian and Hispanic Individuals Using Multivariate Analysis
2017 Herrmann Schaefer, Audrey Quantitative Age-At-Death Estimation: A Three-Dimensional Morphological Analysis of the Sternal Extremity of the Rib
2017 Conlee Dall, Amelia Saving Sites: One Looting Step at a Time - Utilizing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Google Eart to Analyze Looting Pattterns of NASCA Sites
2017 Wescott Gleiber, Devora The Effect of Mobility Impairment on Femoral Cortical and Trabecular Structure
2016 Brunson Chapman, Lauren Approaching Health: Reiki Users Providing Insight on CAM Use for ACA Consideration
2016 Spradley Goots, Alexis Cranial Base Height as an Indicator of Developmental Stress in Native Mexican and American-born Mexican Populations
2016 Black Lodge, Spencer Fire on the Mountain: Roasting Pits in the Sheep Range on the Desert National Wildlife Refuge
2016 Garber Bentley, J. Heath From the Sea to the Smoker: A History of Sea Turtle Exploitation on St. George's Caye, Belize
2016 Spradley Ayala Bas, Alejandra Health and Proportionality: A Study of Undocumented Migrants from the Texas-Mexico Border
2016 Bousman Mudd, Michael Interpreting Function @ Antelope Creek Site 41PT283
2016 Bousman Vilsack, Laura Investigations into Area 12: Gault Site
2016 Hamilton McClain, Brittany Methodological Comparison of the Microscopic Versus Radiographic Assessment of Cranial Porosities Within the Texas State donated Skeletal Collection
2016 Brunson Miller, Caleb Neoliberal Carries and Moral Decay: Oral Health Inequalities along the Texas/Mexico Border
2016 Bousman Gulihur, Caitlin Shelters in Space: A Study of how Rock Shelters Affect Settlement Patterns in the Big Bend Region of Texas
2016 Hamilton Siegert, Courtney The Applicaton of Consolidation Materials to Burned Bone: A Comparative Approach
2016 Wescott McDaneld, Chloe The Effect of Plastic Tarps on the Rate of Human Decomposition during the Spring/Summer in Central Texas
2016 Brunson Yonce, Heather The Experiences of the Central Texas Elderly and Animal-Assisted Intervention in Assisted-Living Facilities via Medicalization
2016 Brunson Long, Rex The Stigma Experiences of the Liberian Community of Dallas, TX during the 2014-2015 Ebola Outbreak
2016 Wescott Meckel, Lauren The Utility of Dental Cementum Increment Analysis for Estimating Season of Death in Naturally Decomposed Skeletons
2016 Spradley Pyle, Justin Understanding Skeletal Decomposition through Physical Changes Caused by Bone Weathering
2015 Black Castaneda, Amanda A Multi-Faceted Approach Exploring Bedrock Features in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands
2015 Wescott Skipper, Cassie Analyzing the Biological Relatedness of Individuals from a Late 1800s Missouri Cemetery
2015 Black Knapp, Ashley Archaeological Excavation at the Little Sotol Site Investigations into an Archaic Earth Oven Facility in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands
2015 Juarez Loera, Lilia Cultural Citizenship and Organization Activism: Transforming the Immigration Reform Debate
2015 Reilly Stauffer, J. Grant Elucidating the Mysteries of Fort Walton Culture: A Re-emamination of Ceramic Chronology at the Lake Jackson Site
2015 Hamilton Fancher, J. P. Evaluation of Soil Chemistry in Human Decomposition Sites
2015 Garber Petrozza, Michael Extending the Boundaries Fifty-Eight Years after Gordon Willey: Investigating the Lower Dover Settlement, Belize, C.A.
2015 Black Basham, G. Matt Living on the Edge: Subsistence Strategies and Landscape Use of Eagle Nest Canyon
2015 Black Rodriguez, Daniel Patterns in the Use of the Dry Rockshelters of Eagle Nest Canyon, Langtry, Texas
2015 Conlee Mills, Blair Patterns of Structure: The Fiber Artifacts of La Tiza
2015 Brunson Ratliff, Marilee S(ave) O(ur) S(anity): A Critical Evaluation of Mental Health Resources on the Texas State University Campus
2015 Brunson Gauldin, Eric The (in)Complete Warrior: Technology, Limb Loss & the Reformation of Identify
2015 Spradley Garcia, Reina The Brachial and Crural Indicies of Modern North American Populations
2015 Wescott Isaacks, Marilyn The Use of Near-Infrared Remote Sensing in the Detection of Clandestine Human Remains
2014 Wescott Zywicki, Margaret A Study of the Predictability of Rib Fracture Patterns Based on Three Different Modes of Fracture
2014 Garber du Menil, Leann An Investigation of Mound 40 @ Baking Pot, Belize
2014 Conlee Noell, Mary Analysis and Comparison of Early Nasca (AD 1-450) Ceramics from the Site of LaTiza in the Nasca Valley, Peru
2014 McGee Calaway, Winter Between Borders: Mexican Immigrant Restaurant Workers in Austin, Texas
2014 Warms Loff, Keli Charro Days: The Bicultural Celebration in Brownsville, Texas
2014 Wescott Bates, Lennon Comparison of Decomposition Rates Between Autopsied and Non-Autopsied Human Remains in Central Texas
2014 Spradley Duecker, Hailey Craniometric Sex Dimorphism in Hispanics
2014 Brunson Anstice, Michael R. Death, Dying, and Decision-Making at the End-of-Life: An Anthropological Analysis of Hospice Care in Central Texas
2014 Spradley Wun, Felicia Exploring the Relationship between Cranial Non-Metric and Metric Traits for Ancestry Estimation
2014 Hamilton Naparstek, Matthew Masculinization of Female Crania: The Effects of Age on Non-Metric Sex Estimation Accuracy
2014 Wescott Hentschel, Kelsee Postmortem Fracture Surface Topography: An Investigation into Differentiating Perimortem and Postmortem Long Bone Blunt Force Trauma Fractures
2014 Warms Razavimaleki, Bita Religious Conversion among Immigrants: Why do Iranian-Americans Convert from Islam to Christianity?
2014 Juarez Thomas, James Reproduction of Racial Ideology
2014 Bousman Palmison, Molly Robberg Occupations in the Late Pleistocene at Erfkroon
2014 Spradley Hessey, Amelia Sex Estimation from the Greater Sciatic Notch of the Human Pelvis: A Geometric Morphometric Approach
2014 Erhart Stanley, Nathanael Three-Tiered Approach to Ecotourism Research: Meta-Analysis, Statistical Analysis, and Field Study
2013 Brunson Martinez, Hilary "I Don't Need It, You Can Have It: Motivations for Whole Body Donation to FACTS"
2013 Reilly Macias, David A Classification Of Day Signs In The Mixtec Codices: Interpretations Of Flint Motifs
2013 Erhart Turner, Jaydee A Geometric and Morphometric Comparison of the Navicular Bone in Humans, Chimpanzees and Baboons
2013 Spradley Sears, Amy A Test of the Utility of the Vass Universal Postmortem Interval Formula
2013 Hamilton McClain, Maggie Activity-Related Variation in Pathologies of the Patella among Native American Groups
2013 Bousman Gandy, Jennifer Analysis of Lithic Debitage From the Older-Than-Clovis Stratigraphic Layers of the Gault Site, Texas
2013 Bousman Thornton-Barnett, Senna Ancestral Pharmacopeias: A Paleoethnobotanical Assessment of Plant Use in the Western Free State, South Africa
2013 Hamilton Phalen, Kathryn Assessing the effects of clothing on human Decomposition Rates in Central Texas
2013 Spradley Herrera, Brianne Cranial Comparisons Using Ancient and Modern Samples from Australia, Asia, and South America
2013 Hamilton Watson, Cristina Estimation of Sex Through Metric Measurements of the Petrous Portion of the Temporal Bone in Contemporary Populations
2013 Bousman Gilmer, Anastasia Geoarchaeological Investigations of Site Formation Processes at the Gault Site, Bell County, Texas
2013 Graham Case, Leilani Nest Box Usage in Three Species of Captive Owl Monkey: Azara's owl monkey (Aotus Azarai), Spix's owl monkey (Aotus vociferans) and Nancy Ma's owl monkey (Aotus nancymaae)
2013 Brunson Molina, Monica Parental Perceptions of Childhood Overweight and Obesity in Hays County, Texas
2013 Spradley Lavallo, Gabrielle Population Differences Between the Sexes in Non-Metric Traits of the Pelvis
2013 Wescott Frye, Alexandria Reduction Using a Wood Chipper: Skeletal trauma and Distribution Patterns
2013 Wescott Harrington, Katherine Secular Change in the Knee Joint and the Effects of Obesity
2013 Hamilton Taylor, Kathryn Sex Assessment from Carpal Measurement: Discriminant Function Analysis in a Contemporary American Sample
2013 Wescott Purcell, Maureen Sex Differences in the Femur and Acetabulum: Biomechanical Analysis with Forensic Significance
2013 Bousman Anderson, Jennifer The Angostura Anomaly: A Comprehensive Analysis of this Unique Projectile Point Type
2013 Garber Elverson, Matthew The Influences of Parent Colonies in the Archaeological Record: An Archaeological Investigation of Interment Styles and Mortuary Materials at the St. George's Caye Cemetery, Belize
2013 Bousman Rush, Haley The Rowe Valley site (41WM437): A Study of Toyah Period Subsistence Strategies in Central Texas
2013 Bousman Hooge, Jacob Underwater Geoarchaeology at Spring Lake, San Marcos, Texas
2013 Hamilton Klein, Aryn A. Vulture Scavenging of Pig Remains at Varying Grave Depths
2012 Hamilton Tegtmeyer, Caryn E. A Comparative Analysis of Serrated and Non-Serrated Sharp Force Trauma to Bone
2012 Black Koenig, Charles W. Burned Rock Middens, Settlement Patterns, and Bias in the Lower Pecos Canyonlands of Texas
2012 McGee Sharif, Aisha Cultural Change in Economy and Diet in the Lacandon Community of Mensäbäk
2012 Black Campbell, John A. Modeling Burned Rock Features as Units of Subsistence Intensification
2012 Warms Dees, Eric R. Music and Homelessness in Austin, Texas
2012 Reilly Colvin, Matthew H. Old-Woman-Who-Never-Dies: A Mississippian Survivial in the Hidatsa World
2012 Reilly Corsi, Alexander D. Reverence for the Dead: Identifying and Interpreting Patterns in Mortuary Objects with the Hollywood Mound Site
2012 Spradley Soto, Cristina Sexual Dimorphism and Socioeconomic Status: Comparison Between Migrant and Non-Migrant Populations
2012 Erhart Springs, Lauren C. St. George's Caye: A Bioarchaeological Study of 18th Century Belize
2012 Juarez Heep, Nathan M. Standing in Two Worlds: Social Ceremonialism and Cultural Expression of Osage Nation
2012 Reilly Bolfing, Christopher B. Understanding the Role of Plants in Traditional Lifeways in a Mvskoke Ceremonial Community
2011 Spradley Suckling, Joanna K. A Longitudinal Study on the Outdoor Human Decomposition Sequence in Central Texas
2011 Spradley Millard, Alexandra Age Assessment from Cranial Suture Closure
2011 Warms Williams, Desaree D. Ahí Te Estás: Constructing Black Identity and a Multicultural Narrative in Argentina
2011 Agwuele McKinney, Kevin J. Ajaw: A Linguistic Index of Culture in a Maya Hieroglyph
2011 Reilly Christmas, Patricia S. Bearing Memory: Woman and Child Figurines from Tlatilco
2011 Reilly Dalton, Jesse O. Continuities of Tradition Within the Apalachicola-Creek Ceremonial and Ritual Arena
2011 Bousman Haefner, Joseph J. Reduction Strategies, Subsistence and Site Use Through Time at 41HY160 - The Tee Box Six Site
2011 Graham Stott, Thomas Testing the Utility of Cranial Vault Morphology as an Indicator of Health: A Civil War Sample
2011 Graham Graves, Laura M. The Effect of Auditory Enrichment on Abnormal, Affiliative, and Aggressive Behaviors in Laboratory - Housed Rhesus Macaques (Macaca Mulatta)
2011 Hamilton Curtin, Briana K. The Effects of Fire Suppression Techniques on Burned Bone
2011 Hamilton Richards, Elizabeth The Estimation of Stature from Measurements of the Isolated Cranium
2011 Hamilton Sauerwein, Kelly A. The Sequence of Bone Staining and its Applications to the Postmortem Interval
2011 McGee Sheedy, Crystal A. Yàan u k'éešo'ob, ba'ale' ma' k k'aat u tu'ubso'ob u kuštal Màaya'o'obi', " = "They must change, but we do not want them to forget their Maya lives" : Cross-Generational Change and Continuity in a Single Maya Family From Xocen, Yucatán, México
2010 Spradley Tise, Meredith L. A Metric Analysis of the Postcranial Skeleton of Hispanic Individuals to Improve the Estimation of Sex
2010 Erhart Hurst, Ashley L. A Preliminary Assessment of the Population, Potential Food Resources, and Habitat Connectivity of Alouatta pigra in the Natural Protected Area of Métzabok, Chiapas, Mexico
2010 Bousman Lawrence Ken L. A Recalibrated Chronological Framework of Texas Archaeology-Geoarchaeology
2010 Warms Perkins, Dawn A. An Analysis of Healing and Honoring Ceremonies Practiced by Lakota Veterans on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation
2010 Bousman Wishoff, Robert I. An Analysis of Quarrying Behavior at Alibates Flint Quarries National Monument, Fritch, Texas
2010 Garber Benton, Amy E. Ancient Maya Music: Aerophones in the Archaeological Record
2010 Spradley Ayers, Laura E. Differential Decomposition in Terrestrial, Freshwater, and Saltwater Environments: A Pilot Study
2010 Spradley Bongiovanni, Rosanne Estimating Sex of the Human Skeleton Based on Metrics of the Sternum
2010 Reilly McCarthy, Michael Experimental Reconstructions of Copper Working Techniques of the Pre-Columbian Peoples of the Eastern Woodlands
2010 Graham Schnorr, Stephanie L. Macronutrient Analysis in Western Diets Compared to Modern Hunter-Gatherer and Paleolithic Diet Concentrations
2010 Conlee Boyer, Brooke S. Nasca Middle Horizon Burial Tradition [Electronic Resource]: A Preliminary Analysis of the Above-Ground Tombs and Looted Contexts at La Tiza, Peru
2010 Reilly Wier, Sandra K. Over-Painting and Maintenance of Rock Art Sites in the Lower Pecos
2010 Hamilton Shattuck, Rebecca E. Perimortem Fracture Patterns in South-Central Texas: A Preliminary Investigation Into the Perimortem Interval
2010 Spradley DiMichele, Daniel L. Sex Estimation in a Modern Forensic Sample Using a Discriminant Function Analysis From the Calcaneus
2010 Erhart Nugent, Teresa G. The Estimation of Biological Profile From Unprocessed Human Cremated Remains
2010 McGee Saunders, Michael The sacred sites of San José Ch' aqa'Ya' : continuities and transformations
2009 Erhart Adams, Dara B. A Preliminary Study on Vocal Communication in the Gray's Bald-Faced Saki Monkey, Pithecia irrorata
2009 Hamilton Kitowski, Katherine A. Age Estimation of Subadults From a Forensic Context Using the Denver Longitudinal Study Diaphyseal Long Bone Length Standards
2009 Hamilton Shattuck, Carly M. An Analysis of Decomposition Rates on Outdoor Surface Variations in Central Texas
2009 Spradley Wheat, Amber Assessing Ancestry Through Nonmetric Traits of the Skull: A Test of Education and Experience
2009 Hamilton Marrero, Ingrid J. Color of Dentine as an Age Indicator for Hispanic Populations in San Antonio, Texas
2009 Graham Huber, Hillary F. Environmental Enrichment for Gummivorous Primates
2009 Hamilton Gavit, Kristina R. Estimating Sexual Dimorphism From Sternal Rib Ends
2009 Reilly Lytle, Whitney C. Evidence for the Use of Bufo marinus in the Olmec Shamanic Tool Kit
2009 Juarez Salazar, Marta L. Life in Death: Mexican American Grave Decorating and Funerary Rituals
2009 Reilly Kidder, Barry B. Maya Scribes Who Would Be Kings: Shamanism, the Underworld, and Artistic Production in the Late Classic Period
2009 Conlee Johnson, Matt Obsidian Availability Through Time: Lithic Analysis at La Tiza and Pataraya, Nasca Drainge, Peru
2009 Hamilton Parks, Connie L. Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Human Bone and Tooth Enamel: Implications for Forensic Investigations
2009 Garber Smith, Suzanne Patterns in Seal Iconography: A Frequency Model
2009 Melbye Brandt, Elizabeth T. Stature Wars: Which Stature Estimation Methods are Most Applicable to Modern Populations?
2009 Bousman Schooler, Steven R. Supply, Trade and Conflict on the Colonial Frontier: A Lead Isotope Analysis of Artifacts from Mission Santa Cruz de San Sabá and Eight Other Eighteenth-Century Colonial-Era Sites Within Texas and Oklahoma
2009 Reilly Sawyer, Johann A. The Mississippian Period Crib Theme: Context, Chronology, and Iconography
2009 Hamilton Callahan, Casey A. Vegetation Colonization of Experimental Grave Sites in Central Texas
2009 Reilly Warner, Ryan T. Visions of the Morning Star: A Comparative Analysis of Native American Mythic Stories and the Wedgemouth and T-Bar Theme
2008 Bousman LaBudde, Gregory J. A Functional Analysis of Archaic Foreshafts and Other Wooden Dart Components From the Northern Chihuahuan Desert
2008 Warms Dickerson, Candice M. A Look at Bush Medicine in a Pharmaceutical World: Three Traditional Healers in Belize Face Globalization
2008 Bousman Oksanen, Eric R. Archaeological Investigations at the Icehouse Site, 41HY161: A Revaluation of Early Archaic Technology, Subsistence and Settlement Along the Balcones Escarpment and Central Texas
2008 Bousman Alvarado, Luis A. Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis of Corrugated Wares and Brownwares From the Texas Southern Plains and Southeastern New Mexico
2008 Hamilton Reeves, Nicole M. Taphonomic Effects of Vulture Scavenging
2008 Melbye Enwere, PaulyAnn Taphonomy of Child-Sized Remains in Shallow Grave and Surface Deposit Scenarios
2007 Juarez Guerrero, Nina M. A Past and Present Comparison of Mexican American Interethnic Marriage
2007 Melbye Hyder, Margaret A. A Study on the Rate of Decomposition of Carrion in Closed Containers Placed in a Shaded Area Outdoors in Central Texas
2007 Bousman Meier, Holly A. An Evaluation of Antelope Creek Phase Interaction Using INAA
2007 Erhart Coleman, Layla B. An Evaluation of the Natural and Provisioned Feeding Rates of Semi-Free Ranging Ringtailed Lemurs (Lemur catta) on St. Catherines Island, GA
2007 Melbye Alley, Olivia A. Aquatic Decomposition in Chlorinated and Freshwater Environments
2007 Melbye Richard, Adam H. Battered and Burned: An Investigation Into the Identification of Blunt Force Trauma Fractures to the Ribs in Burned Remains
2007 Melbye Simmons, Terrie L. Bioarchaeological Analysis of Commingled Skeletal Remains From Bee Cave Rockshelter (41VV546), Val Verde County, Texas
2007 McGee Hurley, Jessica L. Economic and Social Change in the Lacandon Community of Nahá
2007 Juarez Roth, Jennifer O. Ethnicity and Cultural Differences in San Marcos: Factors Behind Segregation in Two Local Cemeteries
2007 Erhart Shepston, Desserae K. Evidence to Support the Successful Reintroduction of Alouatta Pigra to the Nahá Region of Chiapas, Mexico
2007 Melbye Lyles, Jessica A. Fire Ants (Hypmenoptera: Formicidae) Effect on Carrion Decomposition and Estimation of Time Since Death
2007 Bousman Aery, Deidra A. Organization of Lithic Technology in Archaic Central Texas: An Example From 41HY160 in San Marcos, Texas
2007 Reilly Connolly, Michael The Incised Masks of Arroyo Pesquero: A Structural Analysis and Possible Transmission Model
2007 Melbye Chapman, Katherine A. When the Bullet Hits the Bone: Patterns in Gunshot Trauma to the Infracranial Skeleton
2006 Conlee Stoker, Lindsey E. Archaeological Investigations Into the Early Occupations of La Tiza, Nasca, Peru
2006 Garber Kersey, Kimberly M. Emerging Elite Economies: A Diachronic Perspective of Obsidian Distribution in the Belize River Valley
2006 Bousman Acuña, Laura I. The Economic Contribution of Root Foods and Other Geophytes in Prehistoric Texas
2006 Reilly Williams, Robert L. The History of Lord Eight Wind of Suchixtlan: A Chronological Analysis and Commentary on Codex Zouche-Nuttall Pages One Through Eight
2005 Melbye Jackson, Daniel W. An Investigation Into Identifying Sharp Force Trauma on Burned Bones
2005 Melbye Alvarez, Christine E. Bioarchaeological Investigation of Human Skeletal Remains at the Stiver Ranch Burial Sinkhole (41KM140)
2005 Bousman Weinstein, Abby Investigations at an Antelope Creek Phase Isolated Homestead (41PT109)
2005 McGee Slinker, Erin T. Power and Privilege: Contextualizing Lacandon Identities