About the Jazz Studies Department

The Jazz Studies Department at the Texas State School of Music is committed to excellence in music teaching and learning for all students. As a unit within the School of Music, we offer specialized course work in the field of jazz and provide a liberal education with emphasis on cultural values.

The School of Music Jazz Studies Department offers thorough preparation for careers in several distinct fields of music, jazz music education, and recording. In addition, it provides opportunities for all university students to develop musical skills and cultural understanding in its open jazz combo ensembles. The Jazz Studies Department also serves as an outstanding cultural resource for the university and San Marcos communities.

Music Performance and Jazz Studies graduates perform, establish their own teaching studios, attend graduate school, or use their music degree as a foundation for their careers. The choices of profession for a student completing a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Music are numerous.

Texas State students in jazz maintain schedules of performances across the state and the world.

The jazz program has been featured for years at the Montreux (Switzerland) Jazz Festival and the North Sea Jazz Festival.

For additional information regarding Jazz Studies at Texas State University contact jazzstudies@txstate.edu.

Master's Degree in Jazz Performance Announced

The Jazz Studies area is pleased to announce the addition of the Master's in Jazz Performance to our degree offerings. Click here for more information.