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School Psychology

Thank you for taking an interest in the NASP approved School Psychology program at Texas State. As one of the oldest school psychology programs in the state, we have a long history of preparing students to work with children and adolescents to enhance social, academic, and emotional competencies. 

We're currently accepting applications and admit students every August (deadline is Feb. 15). Please be sure to read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and additional program informationIf you have any questions about our program, please feel free to email/call the program coordinator, Dr. Sue Hall, at 512-245-2007.

Curious about the difference between a school psychologist and school counselor? The difference is explained on the NASP website.

Do you speak Spanish? If so, please consider applying for Project SUPERB, a $1.05 million grant-funded program to address the shortage of bilingual (Spanish-English) school psychologists. Students must be admitted to the School Psychology program to be considered for Project SUPERB funding.


Project SUPERB featured in Texas Monthly

Click below to see the Be a Bobcat profile of Elizabeth Yee, one of our current students, and read our testimonials!