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Duncan Waite, Ph.D.

Leadership in Education Journal
Educational Leadership
Area of Focus/Research
Educational Leadership, Instructional Supervision, Qualitative Research, Action Research, Anthropology and Education, The Postmodern
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ASBS 328
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B.A., University of Michigan
M.A., University of Oregon
Ph.D., University of Orgeon

Selected Publications

Papers Presented at Conferences:
"Canons to the Left of Us, Canons to the Right of Us: On the Over-Determination of Method in Qualitative Research." Annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, San Diego, California, April 15, 2004.

Recent Publications*:  

2010. “Preparing Educational Leaders to Serve a Democratic Society. ” Scholar-Practitioner Quarterly, 4(4), 367-370.

2010. Waite, D. & Waite, S. F. “Corporatism and its Corruption of Democracy and Education.” Journal of Education and Humanities, 1(2), 86-106.

2010. “On the Shortcomings of our Organizational Forms: With Implications for Educational Change and School Improvement. ” School Leadership and Management, 30(3), 225-248.

2009. “Looking Anew at Organizations and Other Forms of Association: With Implications for Schools and Educational Leadership.” Education and Society, 27(2)

2009. “No es Cuestión de Datos. La Evolución de un Currículo de Supervisión Clínica y la Pedagogía.” (“It’s not About the Data: The Evolution of a Clinical Supervision Curriculum and Pedagogy.”) Educar, 44, 67-78.

2009. “LDR 2 LDR: University Faculty Communicating Practice through Theory.” Journal of Leadership Studies, 3(2), 56-57.

2009. “Teaching Theory: A Response to Nelson, Henry, Holcomb, Guajardo, and Jenlink.” Journal of Leadership Studies, 3, 79-83.
2007. “Schooling, Social Justice and the Role of the State.” Investigación AdministrativaNo. 100, 7-12.

2007. Waite, D., Moos, L., Sugrue, C., & Liu, Cungang. “Framing Education: A Conceptual Synthesis of the Major Social Institutional Forces Affecting Education.”
Education and Society, 25(3), 5-33.

2007. Waite, D., Nelson, S. W., & Guajardo, M. “Teaching and Leadership for Social Justice and Social Responsibility: The Struggle Begins at Home.” Journal of Educational Administration and Foundations, 18 (1&2), 200-223.

2006. Waite, D., Waite, S. F. & Fillion, S. “Duplicity, Democracy and Domesticity: Educational Leadership for Democratic Action.” In K. Cooper & R. White (eds.), The Practical Critical Educator: Critical Inquiry and Educational Practice (pp. 137-149). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

2005. Waite, D., & Nelson, S. W. “Una Revisión del Liderazgo Educativo” ("Educational Leadership Reconsidered."). La Revista Española de Pedagogía, 63(232), 389-406.

2005. Waite, D., Moos, L. & Lew, C. "Globalization, Higher Education, Educational Leadership and Policy Change." In J. Zadja (ed.) The International Handbook on Globalization, Education, and Policy Research (pp. 279-292). Dordrecht, The Netherlands: Springer.

Waite, D. & Allen, D. (in press). "Corruption and Democracy in Educational Leadership." In P. Jenlink (ed.), Democracy and Education Reconsidered: Critical Perspectives on Educational Leadership for the New Millennium. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Education.

2003. Waite, D., & Allen, D. “Corruption and Abuse of Power in Educational Administration.”The Urban Review, 35(4), 281-296.

2002. "Is the Role of the Principal in Creating School Improvement Over-Rated?" Journal of Educational Change, 3(2), 161-165.

2002. “The Culture(s) of Educational Leadership: Troubling Times and Spaces.” Scholar-Practitioner Quarterly, 1(2), 25-39.

2002. “Critical New Directions in Educational Leadership.” Education and Society, 20(1), 29-42.

2002. “The Paradigm Wars’ in Educational Administration: An Attempt at Transcendence.” International Studies in Educational Administration, 30 (1), 66-78.

Waite, D., Boone, M., & McGhee, M. 2001. "A Critical Sociocultural View of Accountability" Journal of School Leadership, 11, 182-203.

2000. "Identity, Authority, and the Heart of Supervision." International Journal of Educational Reform, 9(4), 282-291.

2000. "The World(s) of Educational Leadership." World Studies in Education, 1(1), 79-98.

Waite, D. & Ramires Fernandes, M. 2000. "Complicity in Supervision: Another Postmodern Moment." In J. Glanz and L. S. Behar-Horenstein (eds.), Paradigm Debates in Curriculum and Supervision: Modern and Postmodern Perspectives (pp. 190-211). Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey.

Waite, D. & Fishman, L. 1999. "Obrazovanie Pered Vyzovami Epohi Postmodernizma" ("Education and the Challenges of the Postmodern Epoch"). In Informacionnye Tehnologii v Obrazovatel'nom Processe (Information Technology in the Educational Process) (pp. 32-40). Samara, Russia: Samara State Pedagogical University Press.

1998. "Anthropology, Sociology, and Supervision." In G. R. Firth and E. Pajak (eds.), Handbook of Research in School Supervision (pp. 287-309). New York: MacMillan.

Recent Papers and Keynotes*:
2011, January. “Las Universidades y Sus Facultades como ‘Mercaderes de la Luz’: Reflexión sobre la Universidad actual.” (“Universities and Their Faculties as ‘Merchants of Light’: Contemplation on Today’s University”). Keynote address given to the meeting of the Comisión Nacional de Acreditación CAN-Chile and Fundación Creando Futuro, Santiago, Chile.

2008, December. “Las Limitaciones de Nuestras Formas Ogranizativas” (“On the Shortcomings of Our Organizational Forms”). Closing keynote address given to the X Congreso Interuniversitario de Ogranización de Instituciones Educativas, Barcelona, Spain.

2008, December. “Tendencias en los Estudios de Liderazgo Educativo en el Ámbito Anglosajón.” (“Trends in Educational Leadership Research in the English-Speaking World.”). Invited symposium given to the X Congreso Interuniversitario de Ogranización de Instituciones Educativas, Barcelona, Spain.

2008, December. “Simposio Sobre los Estudios de Gestión y Organización Escolar” (“Symposium on Research in School Improvement and Organization”). The University of Granada, Granada, Spain.

2007, December. “Rethinking Education, Schooling, Social Justice and the Role of the State.” Keynote given to Egitimciler Birligi Sendikas─▒/Egitim-Bir-Sen, Ankara, The Republic of Turkey.

2001, December. "Corrupción y el Abuso de Poder en la Administación Educativa." Keynote address given to the VI Jornadas Andaluzas de Organización de Instituciones Educativas, Granada Facultad de Ciencias de la Educación, University of Granada, Spain.

2001, December. "Corrupción y el Abuso de Poder en la Administación Educativa." Lecture given to the College of Education, University of Córdoba, Spain.

2001, May. "Critical, New Directions in Educational Leadership in the US." Lecture given to The Scottish Association for Educational Management and Administration, The University of Glasgow, and the Glasgow City Council, Glasgow, Scotland (UK).

2002, April. "Journal Editors‚ Perspectives on Writing for Publication." Roundtable presented to the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, Louisiana.

2002, April. Mentor and discussant for D. Y. Bruner and B. J. Greenlee, "Comprehensive School Reform Design and Effects." Mentoring roundtable presented to the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans.

2001, November. "Corruption and Abuse of Power in Educational Administration." Paper presented to the annual meeting of the University Council for Educational Administration, Cincinnati, Ohio.

2001, April. "Discourse Theory as a Research Model that Bridges The Paradigm Wars." Paper presented to the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, Seattle, Washington.

2000, April. "Culture and Educational Leadership: Their Troubled and Troubling Times and Spaces." Paper presented to the annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association, New Orleans, Louisiana.

*Hard copies of these publications are available upon request. Contact Dr. Waite for more information.

Courses Taught

EDA 6342
EDA 6352
EDA 6358
EDA 6348
ED 7331 Foundations of School Improvement (doctoral)
ED 7354 Intermediate Qualitative Design and Analysis (doctoral)


Qualitative Program Evaluation
Supervision of Instruction
Teacher Research
Organizational Analysis