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Duncan Waite, Ph.D.

Leadership in Education Journal

Educational Leadership
Area of Focus/Research
Educational Leadership, Instructional Supervision, Qualitative Research, Action Research, Anthropology and Education, The Postmodern
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ASBS 328
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B.A., University of Michigan
M.A., University of Oregon
Ph.D., University of Orgeon

Selected Publications

Click here for copies of many of the below listed publications.

2014. “Imperial Hubris:  The Dark Heart of Leadership.” Journal of School Leadership, 24(6), 1202-1232.

2014.  “Teaching the Unteachable: Some Issues of Qualitative Research Pedagogy.” Qualitative Inquiry, 20(3), 267-281.                                         

2013. “Thinking about School Improvement.” Education and Society, 31(1), 7-16.

2011.  “Universities and Their Faculties as ‘Merchants of Light’: Contemplation on Today’s University.” Education and Society, 29, 5-19.

2011. “A Simple Card Trick: Teaching Qualitative Data Analysis Using a Deck of Playing Cards.” Qualitative Inquiry, 17(10), 982-985. (Chosen Methodspace [Sage] Journal Article of the Month for February 2012.)

2010. “Preparing Educational Leaders to Serve a Democratic Society.” Scholar-Practitioner Quarterly, 4(4), 367-370.

2010. Waite, D. & Waite, S. F. “Corporatism and its Corruption of Democracy and Education.”  Journal of Education and Humanities, 1(2), 86-106.

2010. “On the Shortcomings of our Organizational Forms:  With Implications for Educational Change and School Improvement.” School Leadership and Management, 30(3), 225-248.

2003. Waite, D., & Allen, D. “Corruption and Abuse of Power in Educational Administration.” The Urban Review, 35(4), 281-296.

2002. “‘The Paradigm Wars’ in Educational Administration: An Attempt at Transcendence.” International Studies in Educational Administration, 30(1), 66-81.

2001. Waite, D., Boone, M., & McGhee, M. “A Critical Sociocultural View of Accountability.” Journal of School Leadership, 11, 182-203.

2000. “Identity, Authority, and the Heart of Supervision.” International Journal of Educational Reform, 9(4), 282-291.

Courses Taught

EDA 6342
EDA 6352
EDA 6358
EDA 6348
ED 7331 Foundations of School Improvement (doctoral)
ED 7354 Intermediate Qualitative Design and Analysis (doctoral)


Qualitative Program Evaluation
Supervision of Instruction
Teacher Research
Organizational Analysis