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Dr. Kate Spradley Presents Research in Italy

Dr. Kate Spradley presents her research on searching for unidentified remains in South Texas to the Forensic Anthropology Society of Europe in Milan, Italy. Dr. Spradley was an invited speaker for this event.  You can find out more about the event here

Dr. Nicole Taylor Interviewed by "Inside Scoop Live"

Dr. Taylor was recently interviewed about her book Schooled on Fat.  You can listen to the interview on

Dr. Jill Pruetz Awarded National Geography Society Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Jill Pruetz who has won a National Geographic Society grant of $21,198.00 in support of her proposed project "Thermo-imaging bipedalism on the savanna: Chimpanzee locomotion at Fongoli, Senegal and implications for the evolution of hominin bipedalism."

Dr. Todd Ahlman Receives First Task Orders From RFP

Last year Dr. Todd Ahlman was approved for an request for proposal with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. Because of Dr. Alhman’s efforts we are one of three universities that can bid on $45 million dollars of natural and cultural resource projects over the next five years.  He was recently granted his first two track orders for $722,712 and $938,101.  You can find out about the projects on our news page.

Dr. Nicole Taylor wins NSF Grant

Congratulations to Dr. Taylor who was awarded a nearly $30,000 EAGER (Early-concept Grants for Exploratory Research) grant from the National Science Foundation for her project "Ethical and Methodological Challenges in Social Media Research."

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