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Texas State University

Vote. The rest is just noise.

It’s your time to be heard. Register to vote or check your registration status today!

Register to Vote

The deadline to register in Texas is October 5.

I need to register

Great decision! Start the registration process at now.

Am I already registered?

Checking your registration status at is quick and easy.

Dates to check before Election Day

  • October 5: Last day to register
  • October 13: First day to early vote
  • October 23: Vote by mail applications due
  • October 30: Last day to early vote
  • November 3: Election Day

Voting in College

Vote at school or back home? You decide.

You can only vote in one place, but you can register using either your home or school address in San Marcos or Round Rock.

Yes, you can use your residence hall address to register.

If you live in a residence hall you can find your street address here.

Vote by mail

You can vote by mail in Texas if:

  • you'll be out of your voting area for the entire in-person voting period;
  • you are disabled;
  • you are 65 years or older;
  • you meet another Texas vote-by-mail qualification
Vote. The rest is just noise.

As citizens, faculty members have the right to express their opinions concerning the upcoming election, candidates, and issues.

However, while acting in their official roles as employees of Texas State University, faculty members must refrain from campaigning, politicking, advocating, engaging in partisanship, or using university property or resources, including its email resources, to attempt to influence elections.