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Miller Students Examine The Mathematics Of Car Purchasing

May 17, 2013 - San Marcos, TX

Winning Students

Winning Students

In celebration of April being Math Awareness Month, Chuck Nash Auto and Mathworks at Texas State University hosted a "Sweet Deals On Awesome Wheels" math contest for the students at Miller Middle School.  Students were asked to examine the mathematics involved in deciding on a car purchase.  Factors such as sticker price, available financing, fuel economy, and driving lifestyles were included in the analysis.  Students then had to justify their choice of a hybrid (Chevy Malibu), regular car (Camaro), or a plug-in (Volt).

The winning students of the contest were:
1st place: Journey Thomas, 7th grader
2nd place: Isabel Rodriguez, 7th grader
3rd place: Kayleen Bland, 7th grader
4th place: Thomas Tate, 7th grader

Journey's analysis led her to pick the Camaro based on her mathematical work that looked at average miles driven, interest rates, and gas prices.  The winners received Mathworks certificates and sackpacks as well as prizes from Chuck Nash Auto.  In addition, the students had the opportunity to ride in a brand new Chevy Camaro, with Miller Principal Doug Wozniak behind the wheel.

"The analytical skills that these students are building can be applied to so many different aspects of life, such as choosing between different loans, financing college tuitions, or buying a house.  We're excited to encourage deeper mathematical thinking by students at a young age," said Andrew Hsiau, Program Specialist with Mathworks.

Elva Zdeb, Chuck Nash Auto Customer Relations, noted, "We were very honored to work with Texas State and Mathworks in 'Sweet Deals on Awesome Wheels'.  Purchasing a vehicle can be a daunting task unless you have done your homework and this contest showed the students the tools they have to work with to make decisions easier.  Congratulations to the contest winners and to Miller.  It was wonderful to see the students' excitement when they received their certificates and prizes and also enjoyed a fun ride with Principal Wozniack in a 2013 Camaro."

The "Sweet Deals On Awesome Wheels" contest was one of the activities included in the Mathworks Algebra Program in place at Miller.  MAP places all students at Miller on tracks to finish Algebra I by 8th grade or earlier, implementing the Mathworks school-year math curriculum.