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Registration - Mathworks Math Contest

Register for the Mathworks Math Contest

Due to Covid 19 restrictions, some schools may need to provide a virtual testing environment.  In this case, the 2020 MMC may be administered by other individuals such as parents.  

Timeline for 2020:

  • October 28th: the test is to be sent via email to math teachers/coaches. (If you do not see the test in your inbox please check your spam folder.)
  • November 4th: Day of Contest! 
  • November 6th:  Tests must be returned to Mathworks, postmarked by this date.
  • November 12th:  Test must be received by Mathworks by this date.
  • December 8th - 12th: Test scores will be released to teachers/coaches.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mathworks at (512) 245-3439 or send your questions to

Please fill out the information below for the individual that will be proctoring the test.