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Hill Country Jazz Festival


The Eddie Durham Celebration Concert will take place on Friday, April 29th at Parker Jazz Club in Austin, TX, feature Doug Lawrence, Mike Smith, and Loren Schoenberg! More info to come!




I’m quite sad to announce that the 2022 Hill Country Jazz Festival will not take place in person this year, due to circumstances beyond our control. First and foremost is the university's decision to move all classes online for our first two weeks. That removes almost all of our time to rehearse and prepare, and you don’t deserve a hastily thrown together festival. In addition, even the most optimistic projections all show that while the beginning of February may be the crest of this Covid wave, the February 5th infection numbers would still be higher than they are even right now. Having 400+students come through Evans Auditorium and 400-600 sitting for a concert doesn’t seem like the right thing to do, even if we did have time to prepare. We wouldn’t have the manpower or time to properly clean and sanitize after each group.


We are working to reschedule the Eddie Durham Celebration for later in the semester, and the plan is to have Brian Bromberg come to campus the last week of April for concerts and clinics. I’ll let you know when those dates are finalized!


I’m very sorry for this, and I hope you’ll understand. I will work with our admins to refund those of you that have already paid. 


Dr. Utah Hamrick

Director of Jazz Studies