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BM in Jazz Studies

Bachelor of Music in Performance – Jazz Concentration 

General Requirements (46 hours):
General education core curriculum components must be completed. These requirements can be found in the University College section of the Undergraduate Catalog.
A. Music Core Requirements (22 hours)
Departmental Recital (MU 1000 – 3000) – six semesters
Introduction to Music Technology (MU 1150)
Aural Learning I-IV (MU 1210, MU 1212, MU 2260, MU 2262)
Music Theory I-IV (MU 1211, MU 1213, MU 2261, MU 2263)
Survey of Music Literature (MU 2303)
Fundamentals of Conducting (MU 3207)
B. Performance Area Requirements (25 hours)
Applied Lessons (MUSP) – 2 credit hours for 8 semesters
Major Ensemble (MUSE) – 1 credit hour for 8 semesters (see Music Student Handbook for specific ensemble requirements based on concentration)
Junior Recital (MU 3050)
Senior Recital (MU 4050)
Senior Research Project (MU 4185)
C. Additional Requirements for Jazz Performance Concentration (30 hours)
History and Analysis of Music (MU 3316)
Secondary Instrument (MUSP 1135, 1136, or 2 credit hours of MUSP)
Chamber Ensemble (MUSE 3126) – two semesters
Jazz Combo (MUSE 3127) – four semesters
Jazz Piano Techniques (MUSP 3131, 3132)
History of Jazz (MU 3375)
Business in Music (MU 4354)
Jazz Pedagogy (MU 4343)
Jazz Theory and Improvisation (MU 3233, MU 3234, MU 4244)
Jazz Composition and Arranging (MU 4245)
D. Special Degree Requirements
Theory Proficiency Examination
Piano Proficiency Examination (see Music Student Handbook for specific level requirements based on concentration)
Upper Level Competency Review


Degree, Jury, and Upper Level Requirements for Jazz Studies Majors

To Obtain a Bachelor of Music with a major in Jazz Studies, students must satisfy all requirements as stated in:

  • Texas State University Undergraduate Catalog
  • Jazz Studies Degree "Performance Requirements"
  • Jazz Studies Degree "Additional Performance Requirements"
  • Pass all Juries, ULCR, and Recitals, as determined by the Jazz Jury Review Panel, ULCR Panel, Jazz Studies Director, and private studio teacher(s)
  • Student's graduation is also subject to the final approval of the Dean of the College of Fine Arts and Communication

The student will not receive a Jazz Studies Degree until all the above mentioned requirements have been satisfied.

Additional grounds for failure, and/or removal from the Jazz Studies program:

  • Violation of any of the rules and regulations stated in the Texas State University student handbook which results in expulsion from the University
  • Failure of a total of three Jazz Juries, Recitals, or ULCR
  • Failure of two consecutive Jazz Juries (ULCR included)
  • Theft from the Jazz Studies Department
  • Failure to attend (absence unexcused) four or more mandatory* Jazz Studies Departmental events.

* Mandatory Attendance Events include but are not limited to:

  • Jazz Studies Performance Master Classes
  • Jazz Studies Seminars/Lectures
  • Juries
  • ULCR