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Policies: Dorm Bed Matching

Requesting a University Match of Dorm Beds for Participants in Grant-funded Programs: University Policy and Pre and Post Award Support Procedures

UPPS 07.03.02, Scheduling of Residential Facilities for Special Activities, outlines the procedures for requesting no-cost or reduced-cost housing in residence halls or university-owned apartments.

For grants, the President’s Cabinet has designated that up to 10,500 dorm beds will be available as a university match (during the summer months only). The summer months include May 15th through July 31st.

If you are preparing a grant proposal, please note that your request must be coordinated through the Pre and Post Award Support Services, and the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Submit request for bed nights only if the grant program to which you are applying requires a match.
  2. Make request to Senior Budget Specialists in writing (by e-mail and through PNF), justifying your need for the beds.
  3. Request beds only when you are writing a grant proposal, and only for the duration of the program. You should not reserve beds for a proposal that you anticipate writing, nor should you expect this match to continue beyond the grant period.
  4. If grant proposal is not funded, notify Pre and Post Award Support Services immediately so that your bed request may be returned to the pool of beds available; Pre and Post Award Support Services will notify Continuing Education and Residence Life.
  5. If grant proposal is funded, a Reservation Form (contract) must be completed through the Department of Residence Life.
  6. Please note that each grant will have to pay a $1 per bed per day fee to cover fire/life safety costs. This cost cannot be cost-shared.