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Online Module for IRB Application, Exemption Request, Continuation/Change

You are about to submit one of the following three applications, using the online IRB Online Application module:

1. Request for Exemption

2. Application for Continuation or Change 

If you are submitting an Exemption Request or an Application for Continuation or Change, proceed to the log-in link at the bottom of this page.

3. IRB Application

If you are doing an IRB Application, before you proceed any further, please download, save, and read the Instructions & Templates packet if you have not yet done so. The packet contains the required synopsis, consent form checklist, training requirements, and other information designed to facilitate the IRB Application submission process and help you avoid frustrating delays caused by preventable errors and miscommunication.   

Failure to read the instructions before you start will likely delay review of your IRB application.

Applications submitted without a complete synopsis or other required items will be returned prior to review. 

I am prepared to submit an Exemption Request, an Application for a Change or Continuation, or an IRB Application.

If I'm doing an IRB Application, I have downloaded the Instructions & Templates

I understand that if I do not submit a complete synopsis using the template provided, my IRB Application will be returned.

LOG-IN LINK:  Take me to the log-in page