Available Technologies

  1. Copolyester Composition
  2. Remote temperature measuring system for hostile industrial environments using microwave radiometry
  3. Use of fiber film reactors to effect separation and reaction between two immiscible reaction components
  4. Treatment Method for Imparting Self-healing and Shape Memory Properties to Certain CBDO Copyesters
  5. Immobilization of Ionic Liquids via Mechnochemical Intercalation in Layered Materials
  6. Durable Ceramic Liner (Platform Technology/Multiple Applications)
  7. High Strength Impact Polymers
  8. Nanocomposite Coatings from a Facile Exfoliation-Reassembly Process
  9. A Vertically Movable Gate Field Effect Transistor (VMGFET) on a Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) Wafer
  10. Multimodal Ocular Biometrics for Enhanced Identification and Security
  11. Varistor-Transistor Hybrid Devices (Platform Technology/Multiple Applications).
  12. Suppression of coherent transmitted images in reactive channels.
  13. Optimization of Retransmission Timeout Boundary.
  14. Gas Hydrates with a High Capacity and High Formation Rate Promoted by Biosurfactants.
  15. Autonomous Performance Optimization in Robotic Assembly Processes
  16. Location Mapping of Grid Devices Using Features of Passively-Observed Current Disturbances.
  17. Synthetic Rigiding Analogues as Anticancer Agents, Salts, Solvates and Prodrugs Thereof, and Method of Producing Same.
  18. Fluidic system for high throughput preparation of polymeric microparticles and nanoparticles.

Licensing Contact Information: Reddy Venumbaka, Ph.D., Director, Office of Technology Commercialization. Tel: (512) 245‐2672, E‐mail: reddy@txstate.edu