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Around the Courtyard

“Around the Courtyard” provides news of history faculty and students. In addition to publications and presentations, it also includes information about the community that makes up the history department.

Summer 2018.

New book review essay by Dr. Jose Carlos de la Puente:

De la Puente Luna, José Carlos. 2018. “Painting the Canvas of the Great Andean Uprising: Recent Research on the Age of Tupac Amaru.” Latin American Research Review 53(2), pp. 381–387.

We are very excited to announce that Dr. Lynn Denton will receive the Texas State Alumni Association Teaching Award of Honor for this upcoming year.

The award is given to one Texas State educator each year based on the following criteria:

  • Excellence in Instructional Delivery and Design
  • Subject Matter and Competency
  • Impact on Student Success

The Illinois State Historical Society gave to Nancy Berlage’s book, Farmers Helping Farmers: The Rise of the Farm and Home Bureau, 1914-1935, the Award of Superior Achievement, in “Recognition of superior achievement that serves as a model for the profession and reaches a greater public.”

Congratulations to Nancy, who is remaining busy. She just received an advance contract for her next book from the University of Nebraska Press.

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