04. General Administration Services

UPPS 04.01.01

Security of Texas State Information Resources

UPPS 04.01.02

Information Resources Identity and Access Management

UPPS 04.01.03

Computer Equipment Repair Service

UPPS 04.01.05

Network Use Policy

UPPS 04.01.06

University Websites

UPPS 04.01.07

Appropriate Use of Information Resources

UPPS 04.01.08

Texas State Internet Domain Name Policy

UPPS 04.01.09

Server Management Policy

UPPS 04.02.01

Obtaining Technology Resources' Systems and Services

UPPS 04.02.03

System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Methodology and Project Management Practices

UPPS 04.03.01

Audit and Compliance

UPPS 04.03.02

Gifts from University Funds

UPPS 04.03.03

External Audits and Auditors

  • UPPS 04.04.01

    Miscellaneous Human Resources Policies and Procedures

    UPPS 04.04.02

    Staff Handbook

    UPPS 04.04.03

    Staff Employment

    UPPS 04.04.04

    Affirmative Action Recruitment Plan

    UPPS 04.04.06

    Additional State Employment and Outside Employment and Activities

    UPPS 04.04.07

    Nepotism and Related Employment

    UPPS 04.04.08

    Determining Contract Labor and Independent Contractor Status

    UPPS 04.04.09


    UPPS 04.04.11

    University Classification & Compensation Policy

    UPPS 04.04.12

    Compensation In Excess of Base Annual Salary for Staff

    UPPS 04.04.14

    Staff Reduction in Force

    UPPS 04.04.15

    New Employee Orientation - Staff

    UPPS 04.04.16

    Overtime and Compensatory Time Policy

    UPPS 04.04.17

    Staff Background Checks

    UPPS 04.04.18

    Drug Testing for Non-Faculty Employees

    UPPS 04.04.20

    Staff Performance Appraisal Policy

    UPPS 04.04.22

    Hiring Temporary Workers through Third-Party Service Providers

    UPPS 04.04.30

    University Leave Policy

    UPPS 04.04.32

    Texas State Wellness Program

    UPPS 04.04.33

    Recognition Programs

    UPPS 04.04.35

    Professional Development and Educational Opportunities

    UPPS 04.04.36

    The Mariel M. Muir Excellence in Mentoring Awards

    UPPS 04.04.37

    The Excellence in Diversity Awards

    UPPS 04.04.39

    Consensual Relationships

    UPPS 04.04.40

    Disciplining and Terminating Staff Employees

    UPPS 04.04.41

    Staff Employee Mediation, Grievance, and Complaint Policy

    UPPS 04.04.42

    Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

    UPPS 04.04.43

    Workers' Compensation Injuries, Illnesses, and Claims

    UPPS 04.04.44

    Employees with Serious Illnesses

    UPPS 04.04.45

    Drug-Free Workplace

    UPPS 04.04.46

    Prohibition of Discrimination or Harassment

    UPPS 04.04.48

    Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act

    UPPS 04.04.50

    Separation of Employment and Interdepartmental Transfers

    UPPS 04.04.51

    Phased Retirement Plan for Faculty

    UPPS 04.04.52

    Retirement Programs

    UPPS 04.04.53

    Honors and Benefits for Retired Faculty and Staff

    UPPS 04.04.54

    Years of Service Awards and Retired Faculty and Staff Event

    UPPS 04.04.55

    Recognition of Faculty and Staff Organizations

    UPPS 04.04.60

    Workplace Accommodation

    UPPS 04.04.61

    Mother-Friendly Worksite Program

  • UPPS 04.05.01

    Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Program

    UPPS 04.05.02

    Tobacco Policy

    UPPS 04.05.03

    Fire Safety Program

    UPPS 04.05.04

    Fire Alarms, Fire Drills, and Facilities Evacuation

    UPPS 04.05.05

    Hazard Communication Program

    UPPS 04.05.06

    Hazardous Materials and Hazardous Waste Management

    UPPS 04.05.07

    Radiation Safety

    UPPS 04.05.08

    Laser Safety

    UPPS 04.05.09

    Asbestos Abatement Program

    UPPS 04.05.10

    Animals on University Property

    UPPS 04.05.12

    Food Safety for Temporary Food Establishments on Campus